Youtube’s comedy week is here!

For those of you who don’t spend your time on Youtube or Facebook, here’s a reminder that the biggest comedy week on the net has arrived!

Youtube has just announced via their promo video that they will be launching their comedy week from Monday 19th to Saturday 25th of this month.

Both well known comedians such as Rain Wilson, The Gregory Brothers, The lads from College Humour, Saturday Night live, and many more will be joined by Youtube buzzers such as Jash (from all those impressive bacon eating videos in “Epic Meal Time”) Fresh Montana, and Sugarboy to bring you what Youtube is announcing to be the funniest week ever!

Comedy galore for all types of humour afficionados, simple, ironic, iconic, dark, cute, and much more topics that I can quote are on the menu and boy are we in for a treat.

To be honest with you, I’ve been waiting for this week for a while, and can’t wait to see what the videos will give.

The week will start off with a big live show on Monday, before Improv Night, Stand Up Night, College Humour All nighter show, and Set list Night (and many more videos that will be popping up on and off during the day).

Here’s the trailer for Youtube’s comedy week to put you in the mood to watch hours of comedy videos.

Let the games begin!

Even Arnie’s giving it a go!

Here’s the first long video show of the week, it’s long but it’s definately worth the watch!

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