Xbox one is here!

Last night Xbox finally unveiled their Xbox One and it was definately worth the wait!

TV, Sports, and Call of “Dooty”(yes, you have to pronounce it this way according to the presentors 😉 seemed to be the 3 main words used in the presentation, and boy did youtube users pick that one up.

In this post let’s see what a Playstation and an Xbox fan think about the new games console.

Obviously the 2 points of views are utterly biased, but at least they will give you enough incentive to make your own choice.

Here’s the first video made by what I believe to be a playstation fan.

Fair play to him, because even if you like Xbox, you have to admit that his Mix&Match video is quite funny (though I don’t think that the lads from Xbox who presented the project may think the same).

Now here is the slightly more realistic version :

So what do you prefer? Xbox One of PS4?

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