Will England get the Grand Slam?

After beating Scotland, Ireland, and now even France, we have to ask ourselves the (unfortunate) question “Will England get the Grand Slam?”

To be honest with you, I hope the answer to that question is no, but England are also the team to beat at the moment.

Their pack is strong, their backs are all built on muscles, and for once…their team are actually playing a rugby that’s worth watching (as opposed to their previous techniques for winning the games via Wilko’s kicking and drop goals…)

All our hopes now rest on Italy and Wales’ shoulders!

Can Italy beat the mighty English? Can Wales raise the level of their game and repeat their fantastic victory against England in 2012?

We will have to wait for the next 2 matches to see…

All I can say is that I will be behind both Italy and Wales for the next matches!!

At least this weekends turmoil is over, with France scoring a nice try this weekend thanks to Wesley Fofana.

Let’s relive that try, which proves that Fofana is a true centre (not a winger…) and that not all French players were not that poor.

Picamoles was also part of this group of players who played at their level.

Ireland surprisingly lost to the “Brave Scots” in Murrayfield on Sunday after too many Irish mistakes, and a lot of Scottish Flair!

Here’s a summing up of the match!

As for the 2 teams left, Wales beat Italy, building on their confidence before their next games against Scotland, and THE match to win against England.

I hope that they will read my article and watch this video to galvanise them for their match against Scotland and…England.

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