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We saw your junk!

Any Familly Guy fan was aware of Seth MacFarlane’s controversial humour, and he proved everyone right with the opening song for the Oscars “We Saw Your Boobs”.
Most were warned, some were shocked, and true Family Guy fans were laughing as usual.

The song’s video went viral and some stars in the crowd didn’t seem to appreciate MacFarlane’s sense of humour.

Well for all those who didn’t appreciate the video (which I can understand) you can now stop sulking and start laughing!

Kevin Gisi decided to upload his Youtube parody of the song, reminding us of all the famous Hollywood men who have shown their junk for a role.

Women all over the globe can now stop commenting about Seth’s song, and start laughing about this one!

Now everyone is even!

Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis, Ben Stiller and Ewan McGregor are all mentioned in the song, which was made to ‘level the playing field’.

Well played Gisi, well played!

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