The Tutu project

Being told you have cancer isn’t the easiest thing to hear (to say the least) and Linda Carey was no exeption.
Her husband Bob was just as devastated as her, but they decided to beat it together!

Bob decided he’d do something positive for his wife to help her through the chemo : laughter!

Project Tutu was born as loving husband Bob decided to photograph himself all around the country baring nothing but a pink tutu!

The fact that he was a professionnal photographer may have helped give the effect of perfect photos, but it sure as hell didn’t heat up his private parts.

Braving every weather condition imaginable, Bob was able to make not only his wife Linda, but cancer patients all over the world laugh.

To their surprise the pics went viral so Bob and Linda decided to compile a book called “Ballerina” with all the proceeds going directly to Breast cancer organisations.

Fair play to you both!

Would you do the same for your Wife/Husband?

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