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For those of you who don’t follow football (or those of you who know football as “soccer”) the world cup is going to be held in Brazil next month.

Every 4 years the best teams and players fly over to a selected country to defend their nations colours while providing us with magnificent matches!

Goals, saves, tackles, and much more… it’s all in the mix.

Unfortunately though, not every country is able to qualify for the tournament…

Some of the best players such as Bale, Petr Cech, Lewandowksi Ibrahimovic and a few others will not be able to defend their teams’ colours in Brazil.

They will just have to watch the match on the television or in the stands like every other fan.

The Swedish viking Zlatan decided to announce that he wouldn’t even watch the match since “a world cup without Zlatan is not a wolrd cup worth watching”.

I’m guessing a few people heard him since current and former Brazilian legends – including Dani Alves, Bebeto, Rai and Zlatan’s idol Ronaldo – as well as a number of celebrities have all appeared in this video urging the 32-year-old over to South America in June.

Do you think he will actually come? Or even answer the video?

I’m guessing his sponsors could give him an incentive to do so 😉

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Beckham boys take on Zlatan and Thiago Silva at PSG training

The joy to be the son of a football superstar bought by Paris Saint Germain.

What child wouldn’t like to have a kick around with Thiago Silva and Zlatan?

Well, If your name is surname is Beckham, you can be so lucky…

Filmed at the PSG training ground, Beck’s 2 sons Brooklyn and Cruz not only had the chance to have a bit of a kick around with our favourite Swedish giand and Brazilian superstar, they got to try out all their tricks without being tackled.

As we know, Brooklyn had a trial with Chelsea recently and has a few of his fathers skills but is far from being a young Ronaldo or Messi.

I highly doubt that this kickabout wasn’t part of a publicity stunt, but even if it was, fair play to both Zlatan and Thiago to have let the young lads have a go.

Personally, I would have preferred seing a few unknown lads from different Parisien clubs have a go, but I’m guessing that PSG’s President (who has enough money in his bank account to buy African coutries…) wouldn’t validate the idea.