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Obama Style!

We all know Obama has a huge sense of humour but we didn’t know he was this fun to watch!

A recent spoof video was released yesterday with Steven Spielberg pretending to want to make a film about Obama.

But who should he choose to play the part?

Denzel Washington? Nah, too serious

Samuel Jackson? Nope, too loud

Will Smith? Still no, too beefy

Martin Lawrence? close but no cigar, too much of a Bad Boy cop

Still haven’t found the actor yet?

He chose Daniel Day-Lewis!

Why? Becauser he’s a good actor, and black make-up suits him well 😉

Slow motion paint explosion

2 guys, one slow motion, and a lot of imagination will give this!

Dan and Gav, also known as “The Slow Mo Guys” decided to make all types of objects explode and film the process with a high resolution slow motion camera.

Useless to say, the result is incredible!

With 15 000 images/second the Phantom HD shows us what our human eyes are really missing.

In their latest video, these 2 young Youtube users decided to film exploding mini paint pots.

Viewers beware, do not do this at home (unless you have a slow motion camera and a friend, in which case this can be tons of fun 😉

What do you think about the final result?

You decide!

Here are 2 of their previous videos :

Giant inflatable

Football hit to the face

Astonaught tears in space! by Chris Hadfield

Our favourite Canadian astronaught Chris Hadfield uploaded yet another video from space the other day.

After adding a space pic of earth onto his twitter account, and videos showing how to brush your teeth in space, or even how to take care of space station spills, he offers us another interesting view on what astronauts can get up to while they’re in space.

This time he decided to show us how space and zero gravity effect astronaughts feelings!

Being far away from familly and friends can make astronauts a little home-sick sometimes, but what happends if they cry?

Well the answer is in Hadrfield’s new video!

He shows us exactly what happends to our tears and the result is quite interesting.

There you go!

No you know what happends when astronauts cry 😉


First date fails

The main aim when you go on a first date is to impress the girl/boy you’re with.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t get the memo…

If you’re hesitating on what to do and not to do on a first date, this video is definately for you.

Even if you’re not, watch this video just for a laugh!

My favourite is the first tip “Don’t bring your own Superman lunchbox to a restaurant” which is yours?

Here are the few tips, the rest is in your hands!

Bye Bye Messenger…

Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia…

If you were born in the between the mid 80’s and 2000’s you have to have used MSN messenger!

A page has now turned today as MSN has finally closes after years of loyal services.

We all remember hurrying home to switch on our PC’s and…speak to our friends for hours and hours.

MSN helped us communicate with friends, use smileys every sentence, send Wizzes and much much more.

Before retiring, MSN buzzy decided to allow us one last interview and here is the end result.

What was your favourite MSN moment?

The True Science of Parallel Universes

Oh no, not another educational science video? Don’t worry, this is a science video with a difference.

Most of you have already heard about Henry Reich and his Minute Physics youtube videos.

Well, here he is again with his latest video “Everyone loves the idea of parallel universes.”

This version of a “science” video speaks about Hollywood science, and how they use theories that are based on the impossible premise of travelling to an alternate reality just like ours, only a little different.

The question is : Is there really any true science behind these statements? I wonder…

Enjoy the video and tell me what you think!

April Fools compilation!

April fools is the one day of the year that almost everyone plays pranks on each other and this year was no different than any other.

Mastodons of the web such as Google and Youtube even gave it a go!

Here are 3 of what I believe to be the best videos of the day so far (I’ll add a few more if I deems others more interesting to add 😉

Google Maps, Google Nose, and Youtube uploaded these videos today (oh, and Youtube announced at the same time that they were going to shut down, but that wasn’t the most well though joke they could have done).

Happy April fools day everyone!

Google Nose :

Google Maps :

Youtube :

Justin Timberlake surprises his fans

Just as we thought Justin Timberlake couldn’t be any more awesome, he went out and did this!

20 of his biggest fans were chosen to sing “Mirrors” one of his latest singles from the new album.

Everyone was already thrilled to be part of the event, and thought things couldn’t get better until…Justin appeared out of nowhere to give them a great surprise!

Hugs, shreeks and a few kisses later, the fans were still amazed that they not only got to sing one of his songs, but meet their idol.

Well played Justin, well played!

Old School Skrillex

A random Youtube user Bd594 decided to make a habit out of making cover videos for pop music songs.

With this video he decided to change a little and go Skrillex style.

Instead of the regular Gotye cover, he decided to go old school on Skrillex.

If you’re into nerd related videos, or just simply interested in what the end resutl gave, this video is for you!

The Human Test2

Once again Ze Frank returns with another “that’s so true” video of the human test.

As before, he asks counts hypothetical “Have you ever…” questions that most viewers will answer yes to.

Now, the second episode stands with over 175,000 hits, and is featured on Mashable, HuffPost, and BuzzFeed and Minutebuzz.

Listen well up until the last question, and you will see if you are “human” or not!

Though I don’t understand the point of such a test, the video went viral, so I’m sharing it with you.

Solar Power burn!

Sun light is an amazing power source and we all remember the fun experiments we had using it in our backyards.

Grant Thompson posted a video showing how he uses solar power in his backyard science experiments.

The video was posted in December, but it has just experienced a viral surge over the weekend.

From a previous experiment, Grant got his hands on a giant older television with a perfect screen to create a dangerously powerful solar lens in his backyard.

The experiment may remind you ‘ant frying with a magnifying lens’ in our backgardens, but this DIY lens can literally melt metal, and instantly cause wood to ignite into flames.

Welcome to Googleplex!

Everyone aged 25-30 wants to work for Google!

Work hard, play harder! Hard work with the best of the best in the world, and in the best offices, what more could you ask for?

After autoproclaiming himself as a “hip hop artist”, Google employee Andrew Fink decided to make a “rap” video called “Welcome to Google”.

Now before you watch this video let me remind you of a few things :

1) this is Google’s New York office, we are not in Disneyland Florida so don’t expect a 50cent style rap video

2) though daring, this video had to have been validated by Fink’s superiors since Google has a reputation to upkeep

3) I am a personal fan of Google, so my point of view is COMPLETELY biased

Thumbs up to this lad who did the video. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere it was filmed in, the decor made up of old computers, an Android mascot, and a “What would Google do” book that just happened to be lying around 😉

According to sources from Mashable, Fink, (whose real name is Finklestein) works in the sales department at Wildfire, a social media marketing group that was acquired by Google last year and his resume on LinkedIn shows his two diverging interests: records labels and radio stations.

This cunning young man seems to have found a way to merge this into his new job at Google with this video.

What do you think of Fink’s Google rap? Share in the comments.

I know that I’m a fan! (I wouldn’t buy his cd though 😉

I’m just guessing out loud here, but maybe this video is linked to the new film about Google coming out soon.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it here :

Did I get it right Google? If I did send me a message and I’ll send you my CV (even if I didn’t send me a message and I’ll send you my CV!)

Fuck the Harlem Shake!

Although still as popular, the Harlem Shake phenomenon is becoming slightly less visible in the media and social network pages.

So many versions came out (some funny, others less so) that it seemed that no one could escape the crazy dance.

Personally, I only want to see Harlem Shake videos that would be used for a good cause like “the worst harlem shake ever” to make people more aware of Parkinsons disease.

LeTonyRagecomics decided to step it up a notch by making “Fuck the Harlem Shake”.

You would think that the title would say it all, but they also make fun of Psy’s Gangnam Style and One Pound fish!

Fair play lads, you understood the exact method to use to get rid of a viral video…make another one!

For those of you who don’t know Gangnam Style and One Pound Fish, here are both of their viral videos.

Paint and music

What if all the expressions you heard in music videos ended up in one music video?

Litteral MS Paint decided to recreate pop music videos using Microsof Paint in a literal sense (why not, it’s funnier that way).

With over 77 thousand hits, this video is already starting to call viral, and things are getting better and better.

I can’t even start to imagine how many hours they needed to make the video but here it is!

For your viewing pleasure, please sit back, relax, and enjoy “Thrift Shop – Literal MSPaint”