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Deadpool Praises His Incredible Ad Campaign in a 5-Minute Hilarious Promo Spot


So yeah, Deadpool won pretty much everything there is to win in 2016. Not only was the movie a HUGE success, its promotional campaign was equally as amazing, and maybe, even better than the film itself. So is anyone really surprised that Deadpoolโ€™s marketing campaign was nominated for a Cli Key art award?
But what is REALLY surprising (and awesome!) about this is that the character has produced yet another promo clip announcing that he is accepting the nomination.

Oh, and before you watch it, a warning: NSFW!

So what do you think?

Orginal source : Dorkly

Youtube rewind 2015

The year is now at an end, and 2016 is here!

What better way would you want to end 2015 and start this new year than by looking back at the best bits of 2016?

Ready, steady, Go!

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Real-life Wolverine Claws!

With the new X-Men film coming out, more and more fan videos and cosplay pics are popping up on the internet at the moment.

Despite there being a plenty, this one in particular caught my eye, and beleive me, it’s definately worth the watch!

A British plumber with a passion for extreme DIY decided to create the invention that every bullied teen want to have in the playground.

Come to think about it, every employee who’s a fan of X-Men, or just wants an easy way for his co-workers to fear and respect him will want this expensive gadget!

So what did this lad actually build?

Well… a fully functional set of retractable steel claws modeled after the ferocious X-Men Wolverine of course!

Whatch the video below to check it out!!

So, do you beleive me now?

What do you think he will build next? Could you do better? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Spiderman2 trailer

We’ve all been waiting for it and here it is, the new Spiderman trailer has finally been released!!

In this film Spiderman (aka Peter Parker) is going to fight against yet another new supervillain “Electro” played by none other than Jamie Foxx.

The basic plot stays the same :
-Spiderman fights against a new villain
-Spidermans friends/lovers (Mary Jane & Harry Osbourn) are in danger
-Spiderman has problems defeating the vilain & seems week
-Spiderman makes new friends or meets up with old acquaintances & saves the day
-The film ends and leaves room for another spectacular opus

Yet we all want to watch the movie.

But why? Because it’s Spiderman that’s why damn it!

He’s the only superhero that can swing through New York, defeat the villains, and save the day.
And did I mention HE CAN SWING THROUGH NEW YORK! I bet you that anyone would just love to have a go at that.

As promised, here’s the new trailer!
(and yes when I saw it, there were only 301+ views on the counter ๐Ÿ˜‰

So? What did you think? Comments ready, steady…GO!

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Megadeth Christmas!

As usual, Jimmy Kimmel suprised us all by convincing by convincing out of ordinary people to do “ordinary” things.

This time Jimmy managed (don’t ask me how) do get the world famous Rock group Megadeth to do their own version of Christmas songs.

The lyrics are the same, but the spirit and definately “ร  la Megadeth”.

Frosty the snowman, The little drummer boy, Do you hear what I hear, are just a few of the songs they performed.

If you watch closely 35 seconds into the comedy sketch, you can see how much Megadeth’s lead singer/guitarist gets a laugh out of scaring the living daylight out of the “poor little children” (who where probably forced to live the teenage dream of their parents childhood ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can always try to put Rockstars into funny Christmas jumpers (again, I don’t know how Jimmy pulled that one off!) but you can never take the Rock out of them!

Source : D. Moore & Jimmy Kimmel

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Epic Christmas Card video win!

Do you remember that girl who had a part as a reporter in Iron Man 3? Neither do I, but I sure will remember her families epic Christmas card video!

This year the Holderness family decided to make a different kind of Christmas card for all their friends.

The usual best wishes, announcing what’s to come in the next year and what happened in 2013 are in the 2.0 Christmas card, but there’s definately one element that definately stands out…

They made the video in their matching Jammies!!

Mom, Dad, and both kids give it their all and give us a great show.

โ€œThe kids were shocked that we were allowing them to leave the house in their pajamas,โ€ said their Mom but you don’t see either of them fussing in the video ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s the video below!

So what did you think?

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Don’t mess with Chabal!

Caveman angry!
Caveman hit!

Although Chabal is closer to retiring than his peak rugby level, he clearly showed us last weekend that he’s still go alot of punch! (you see the intended pun there ๐Ÿ˜‰

While his team was losing 12 to 6, a foolish player on the opponents team decided to provoke him by tugging on his jersey.

His reply was quick, simple, and very effecient!

He was lucky enough to only get a yellow card after knocking out the poor lad.

Maybe his “Je lui tape le bras parce qu’il me tiens” excuse worked.
(roughly translated that means “I only hit him because he was holding me back”)

Let’s see the images of the damage he did shall we?

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Elivs is still alive!

Just when we were all getting used to the fact that Elvis was dead, replaced by hundreds of Vegas impersonators, this guy came along.

David Thibault, a young 16 year old Canadian was discovered by Quebec radio station “Ckoi Quebec” and boy is he worth your 2minutes and 25seconds!

Singing BlueVelvet, this guy is the real deal and trust me, there have been many before him who tried to sing this well.

Click play, close your eyes and watch the video. When you open them tell me what you think.

This guy is definately going to become an internet sensation with over 135k Youtube hits since yesterday.

So what did you think?

Here’s a bonus video of the original version so that you can fully appreciate the lads talent.

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Source : CkoiQuebec & Minutebuzz

Christmas miracle by WestJet

Do you believe in Santa?

Everyone on this flight definately does!

Airports aren’t the best of places for some people. Lost luggage, delays, strikes, or just meeting people who are simply annoying can take a toll on any traveller.

So this year, WestJet decided to spice things up thanks to the help of Santa Claus and a few nearby shopping centres turned into Santa’s workshop for the occasion!

When they scanned their boarding pass in a mysterious machine, Santa appeared and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. Little did they know what they were in for next.

Upon arrival at their final destination, WestJet gave them the unexpect show of their lives!

Let’s see what they did.

So what did you think?

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True sportsmanship

This video is already a few months old, but got 400k youtube hits already, and since so many professional sportsmen (especially footballers) are becoming less and less sportsmanlike, I wanted to share this video with you.

Noah VanVooren has been the manager/waterboy for the Mustangs football team at Little Chute High School in Clintonville, Wisconsin, throughout his high school career, but during a game against the Clintonville Truckers, VanVooren took the field for the very first time.

VanVooren was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth and doctors told his parents he would never be able to walk or talk.

But the doctors seemed to have forgotten to tell VanVooren himself! He’s currently going to graduate from his highschool and is loved by his classmates and town alike.

For each of his schools’ American football matches, he’s their waterboy/manager so he can get to be close to the game.

In one of the games, the head coach decided to call out his name to go onto the pitch.
Hut, hut, hut, and 35 yards later, VanVooren scored adding the last touch-down to the final score of 62-0

Enjoy the video & I dare you not to feel anything after watching it!

So what did you think?

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Channing Tatum responds to JCVD’s Volvo Splits Commercial

For those of you who haven’t been on the internet in the past week, Jean Claude Van Damme used his world famous “JCVD split” to show how impressive & reliable the new Volvo steering system is.

He easily performed a “JCVD split” with 2 volvo lorries moving in reverse!

Well this week, Channing Tatum decided to show that JCVD wasn’t the only one with slick leg skills.
(spoiler alert : the result is far from being as impressive)

After seeing that JCVD & Volvo got over 35 million Youtube hits, Channing thought it would be a brilliant promo idea to do the same on the set of 22 jump street.

The result is far less epic, but is still worth the view!

So what did you think?

Just so you can compare both videos, here is the original version with JCVD :

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Divers nearly eaten by massive humpback whales!

The Summer is here, and all we want to do now is go to the beach and jump in the sea!

But what about those who want to swim a little further away from the coast?

Whatever you do, don’t do what these lads did!

Rightly so, Joe.ie described this video as “the scariest water-based piece of footage weโ€™ve seen since Jaws 2โ€ฆ”

If you were scared about what to bump into while swimming in the ocean, this video is definately not for you!

These 2 divers came withing a few inches of being eaten up by a pair of hungry humpback whales near Morro Bay in California recently.

Now I’m guessing they know how Jonah felt just before he got gobbled up by that whale!!

Giant fly vs Hollywood actors!

Everyone in Ireland and the UK know the Graham Norton show, but after a video with Will Smith & Carlton doing the “Carlton dance”, and this interesting event, Graham is known all over the US!

As we all know, The Graham Norton Show just keeps on getting better, but that’s just stating the obvious.

On Graham’s latest show last Friday we got to see yet another viral video.

This time, a fly decided to organise a terrorist attack on 3 Hollywood actors, only to be saved by none other than fellow Irishman Chris O’Dowd.

Just as the fly was about to start his attack, Chris thwarthed his attempt by eating him hole.

The fly not having the best of tastes though, Chris decided to spit it out into his hands.

Let’s watch the video to see if the fly survived Steve’s attack…

Hollywood 1 (thanks to Ireland) Fly 0

Source : Her.ie & BBC1

Don’t drink and drive!

Don’t drink and drive!

Each year near the festive season, drinking awareness campaigns seem to pop up on our tv screens out of a sudden.

The more gore and violent, the more “effect” marketers believe the ad has an effect on us.

Unfortunately the reality (which our fellow marketing teams don’t seem to care about) is that most campaigns are so violent that they remind us of horror films or tv series we see all the time.

But what if a marketing team decided to create a proper commercial to make us realize just how much alcohol effects our driving without showing us a Hollywood style video?

Leo Burnett London decided to do just that with their new Think! Drink Drive ad.

Spoiler alert, if your faint hearted, sit down while you watch this one!

For even more effect, watch the video in full screen mode with the sound on at full blast!

Source : Leo Brett London

Share your Coke can!

Once again Ogilvy & Mather have teamed up with Coke to give you a brand new concept to share your Coke with friends!

Coke already already launched several concepts to get free Coke with friends. The Free Coke for free hugs, the Giant Coke machine where you need a friend to help you get 2 free large Cokes, and much more.

But there was one thing Coke understood, whatever you did, you couldn’t share a can of Coke properly. Well actually, you could, but without a glass, both friends couldn’t enjoy the refreshing taste of Coke at the same time.
That is until now!

Realizing that friends couldn’t share a can together, Coke found the perfect solution.

What if one can could made up of 2 smaller, equal cans?

Thanks to Coke, this was made possible!

Coke designed special cans where you can twist off the top to divide your can into 2, either allowing your friend to have his own or make a new friend by offering him/her one.

Unfortunately Coke won’t tell us if the can is a real product they intend to commercialize, or just another cunningly planned marketing stunt.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy their promo video!

The power of yawn!

We all know how contagious yawning can be but can it spread around the world?

Youtube user Roman Atwood proves us not only that it can, but shows us how to do so!

Via his video “the world’s most contagious prank” he shows us how wherever we are and whoever we are around has to yawn if you use the right method.

The trick is to…you guessed it…yawn!

Roman traveller around the world to spread the yawn to prove how easy you can spread your yaaawww (wait for it I’m yawning) … wwwn.

Let’s watch the result of his impressive prank!

Try to watch the video until the end without a little yawn (if you do, tape yourself watching the video and send it to me so I can send you a medal for your willpower!)

Xbox one is here!

Last night Xbox finally unveiled their Xbox One and it was definately worth the wait!

TV, Sports, and Call of “Dooty”(yes, you have to pronounce it this way according to the presentors ๐Ÿ˜‰ seemed to be the 3 main words used in the presentation, and boy did youtube users pick that one up.

In this post let’s see what a Playstation and an Xbox fan think about the new games console.

Obviously the 2 points of views are utterly biased, but at least they will give you enough incentive to make your own choice.

Here’s the first video made by what I believe to be a playstation fan.

Fair play to him, because even if you like Xbox, you have to admit that his Mix&Match video is quite funny (though I don’t think that the lads from Xbox who presented the project may think the same).

Now here is the slightly more realistic version :

So what do you prefer? Xbox One of PS4?

Youtube’s comedy week is here!

For those of you who don’t spend your time on Youtube or Facebook, here’s a reminder that the biggest comedy week on the net has arrived!

Youtube has just announced via their promo video that they will be launching their comedy week from Monday 19th to Saturday 25th of this month.

Both well known comedians such as Rain Wilson, The Gregory Brothers, The lads from College Humour, Saturday Night live, and many more will be joined by Youtube buzzers such as Jash (from all those impressive bacon eating videos in “Epic Meal Time”) Fresh Montana, and Sugarboy to bring you what Youtube is announcing to be the funniest week ever!

Comedy galore for all types of humour afficionados, simple, ironic, iconic, dark, cute, and much more topics that I can quote are on the menu and boy are we in for a treat.

To be honest with you, I’ve been waiting for this week for a while, and can’t wait to see what the videos will give.

The week will start off with a big live show on Monday, before Improv Night, Stand Up Night, College Humour All nighter show, and Set list Night (and many more videos that will be popping up on and off during the day).

Here’s the trailer for Youtube’s comedy week to put you in the mood to watch hours of comedy videos.

Let the games begin!

Even Arnie’s giving it a go!

Here’s the first long video show of the week, it’s long but it’s definately worth the watch!

Worst scooter driver ever!

Some people just aren’t meant to buy scooters…

A young man, who either just bought a scooter or is impressively unlucky, just should have kept off the road!

While trying to cross a simple intersection (which is easily done by about 4 scooters during his epic failures by the way) this young Chinese chap just sees his days get worse and worse…

The poor soul gets into a first accident, then a second just moments later, and to top it all off, he even manages to land in a closed iff ditch!

Talk of a bad day for this lad.

The phrase “have a break, have a Kit Kat” definately comes to mind when you see this video!

#Fitchthehomeless campaign

“Abercombe and Fitch is a terrible company, their CEO insists on hiring only hiring attractive people”

Well up until that point, the company’s only problem is their poor communication skills.

Unfortunately for A&F though, that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

On top of blatently showing off their poor communication skills once, A&F decided to do even worse by openly admitting other examples of bad marketing…

Since the brand’s main target market is “cool kids” they decided to define who could and couldn’t wear their clothes by only selling to thin young “cool” kids.

If you’re looking for an A&F item over and L size, don’t even bother to go to their store (the music there is terrible anyway…) because you won’t find squat!

If you think that is bad, wait until you hear what they do with their old clothes…

Instead of donating it to charity, they Burn every last one of what they can’t sell.

All that to avoid seing poor or “uncool” people wearing their clothes.

However, have no fear! there is still hope!

Yound American Greg Karber decided to show A&F how stupid their discriminations are by making their perfect plan backfire.

But how? His plan is simple : Buy a few A&F clothes (used) and give them away to the homeless!!

That way A&F will become the first clothing brand in the world to give out free clothes to the homeless!

Each time you give out a free item of clothing, take a picture or video and upload it to your usual social medias by using the “#Fitchthehomeless” Hashtag.

If we all do our bit, A&F will definately regret their stupidity!

Enjoy the video.

Google shows us how to use their glasses

As everyone now knows, Google will be launching their new Google Glass soon!

However, if you’re name’s not known all over the world, you probably won’t get a chance to get one of your own for a while.

All good things come to those who wait though, and Google is starting to get the hang of all the marketing they have to do to get as many potential buyers interested and ready to get their checkbooks out!

In their latest marketing op, they decided to release a tutorial showing us how easy is will be to use the Google Glass.

A touch sensitive device that everyone will get the hang of very quickly!

Watch the video to see just how easy it will be.

When the price tag will go down, I’m definately going to buy myself a pair of these!