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Resident evil theme park!

For all Resident Evil fans, gamers, or even zombie aficionados, Japan just launched a ridiculously cool attraction for you!!

Universal studios Japan decided to give visitors the Resident Evil experience.

Guns, zombies, monsters are just the tip of the iceberg.

Each visitor is equiped with realistic guns with 30 bullets and a fancy uniform to face the zombie world!

Aparently 10 mins after the course is finished, but by george you have the experience of a lifetime.
If you’re still “alive” after the police department, or hospital section, you have to get through all the other zombies looking for the research centre.

Here are a few pics of the place to give you an idea of what you’re missing!

If the pics and the description aren’t enough, here’s a quick video to show you what the park feels like!

Sex in Video games

Have you ever wondered what Mario gets up to on his free time?

Ever wondered if Lara Croft could get into your bed?

All these questions and more are answered in this short video.

Obviously aimed for gamers, even “Noobs” such as myself are able to appreciate the sense of humour in the video.


Assasins Creed4 trailer!


All Assasins creeds fans were long awaiting for the new trailer of their favourite game!

Marketing mishap or marketing genius, the trailer which was supposed to officially come out on Monday, was leaked last night.

Whatever happened, gamers all over the globe are thrilled to be get a first glimpse of what lies ahead.

Ahoy Mates, Assasins Creed4 will be based on a pirate theme with battles galore!

All I can tell you is that if you’re a fan of the last Assasins Creeds, you’ll love this one even more!

Unfortunately we will have to wait until October 29th 2013 to be able to actually play the same, but…we will be playing this game on the new PS4!!

Let’s watch the trailer and see what you thought!

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag : premier trailer par play3-live

Will you be able to wait until October?

Super Mario Bros 3D


Freddie Wong strikes again!

Have you ever wanted to see MarioWorld through Mario’s eyes? Well, thanks to Freddie Wong (once again), we can.

With almost 2 million hits in only a few days, this is on it’s way to be his most viral video yet.

Back in 2011, Freddie posted a video that reached up to 18.2 million hits with his first person Mario. Now Brandon Laatsh (visual effects) and himself have teamed up once again for the sequel “EndGame”!

Any true gamer will recognise the different scenes in this brief but epic video, and everyone will obviously recognise his arch rival Bowser.

What do you think?


Here is the original version of the video which got over 18 million youtube hits.

And here is another one of his famous videos Video Game High School

All gamers needed one, here he is

What would any gamer need to have more time to play?

You guessed it…THE REPLACEMENT!

The idea is simple, the commercial shows just the guy you need for the job.

“The replacement” replaces you at all the events you don’t want to go to, leaving you more time to enjoy your favourite game Black Ops 2.

Just for a reminder, here is the previous commercial for Black Ops directed by none other than Guy Ritchie