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Military Veteran surprises his son in style

We’ve all seen hundreds of videos showing military vets surprising their families when they get back home, but I simply can’t get enough!

Living away from their family for long months can be tough (both for the vets and loved ones) but as an old Guinness commercial used to say “All good things come to those who wait!”

Every now and then the army let their vets go home early (to be honest with you now it even seems like they plan these type of things in their marketing strategies!) and some decide to capture the moment on camera.
When Master Sergeant Joseph Martel found out he was returning a month early, he told his wife Julia, but he didn’t tell his son Justin.

Instead,he came up with the brillian idea of suiting up for the opposing team in Justin’s football game.

After his wife picked him up, he quickly got changed to surprise his son.

Between the third and fourth quarters, the referees called a meeting to discuss “sportsmanship” between the two teams and the rest is…well you will just have to see it for yourselves won’t you 😉

Now I don’t always post this type of video, but I have to admit that I am a sucker for emotional sports moments. That and the fact that it’s nice to see a massive football player cry in the middle of a game!

Watch the video here :

Source : EliteDaily

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Wealth Inequality in America

America is known as a land where all your hopes and dreams can come true, but what about wealth?

Your dreams may come true, but how rich will you become?

This video clearly shows that if you’re going to make it in America, you’d better make it big time!

As you’ll see in this video, the reality of the wealth inequality is even worse than as what people think.

Why would you go to the US and what would you bring to their magnificent country?

I know that I’d bring them even more French/Irish craic’

Heartwarming act of sportsmanship

Sports not only teaches you how to loose fat and play with others, but also how to play fair and respect people for who they are.

Personnaly, I think that rugby is the best sport to learn all of this, but every other sport also has their advantages.

American sports teams have a reputation of being very competitive even at a school level, but what about fair play?

The following video shows us that fair play not only exists, but is perfected by some teams.

On the one hand, high school team in El Paso offered a spot as team manager to Mitchell Marcus, a young boy with development disability who is a huge fan of the game. The head coach who offered him the spot explains how he gave him the job to show the other players what real passion for the sport means.

On the other hand, we have the Franklin High basketball team, who play the final game of the season against El Paso.

For the final game against Franklin High, El Paso’s head coach Peter Morales decided to offer Mitchell the chance of a lifetime by asking him to get his kit on for the game. Mitchell would have been more than pleased doing just that, but his coach hadn’t finished with his surprise.

With a few minutes left to play, and his team leading by 10 points, Morales subbed a player and replaced him by…you guessed it…Mitchell!

But the story doesn’t end there, despite the best efforts of his teammates, and the crowd roaring his name, Mitchells’ shots just didn’t want to go into the net.

With only a few seconds to go, the game seemed to end with a victory for El Paso, but no points from Mitchell.

That was all before what I consider to be one of the most sportsmanship things I have seen in my lifetime.

Yes, you guessed it, Mitchell ends up scoring his shot! But what a way to score!!

Franklin High’s Jonathan Montanez called out to Mitchell, gave him the ball…he shot…and HE SCORED!!!

The crowd went wild, spilling onto the court in appreciation. The shot didn’t change much to the score board, but the moment was celebrated like a championship victory, and will be remembered as one of the most sportsmanship moments of American (at least High school) history.

Here’s the recap of the scene and the reactions of the players, team-mates and more.

2nd amendment fail…

Ahh America, land of the American dream, where anyone can become anything.

That said, anyone can also buy guns (as long as they are a US citizen) and literaly anyone can post a video on the net.

Here’s a quick compilation of fail videos of people acting stupid with guns…

(souce : Huffington Post US)

The real homecoming king

On Friday night, a heartwarming moment occured in Unionville Community High Scholl in Tennesse, USA.

Scotty Maloney, a High School Junior was offered the traditional Homecoming crown by 3 senior students.

As you can see in the video, Scotty is a popular person in the school, and respected by all.

All 3 students who were nominated for the Homecoming agreed that the winner would offer his crown to Scotty.

“He’s always so happy, so he deserves recognition for who he is” explained Gibbs, one of the 3 elected Homecoming kings.

According to sources from  News2, Scotty was still wearing the crown with pride the next Tuesday!

Fair play lads, your story put a smile on all of our faces!!