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Messi, Ronaldo, Casillas, Rooney and more save the world!

What if our world was invaded by aliens who like football?
With the players we have on earth, I’d say we’d be pretty lucky, especially if we were challenged to a match that could save the world!

Well, Samsung imagined that type of situation for us.
Though we don’t see any football being played (yet) the mere fact of seeing all those players in the same team is just amazing!

Bechenbauer was selected as their coach (personally I would have selected Ferguson but that’s just the Man United fan in me speaking 😉 Samsung even have a laugh about most players imaginary “hobbies”

Enough said, watch the video, comment, share, and sign up for more!

Who would you have selected as substitutes?

Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Rooney… Les… par le10sport

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True sportsmanship

This video is already a few months old, but got 400k youtube hits already, and since so many professional sportsmen (especially footballers) are becoming less and less sportsmanlike, I wanted to share this video with you.

Noah VanVooren has been the manager/waterboy for the Mustangs football team at Little Chute High School in Clintonville, Wisconsin, throughout his high school career, but during a game against the Clintonville Truckers, VanVooren took the field for the very first time.

VanVooren was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth and doctors told his parents he would never be able to walk or talk.

But the doctors seemed to have forgotten to tell VanVooren himself! He’s currently going to graduate from his highschool and is loved by his classmates and town alike.

For each of his schools’ American football matches, he’s their waterboy/manager so he can get to be close to the game.

In one of the games, the head coach decided to call out his name to go onto the pitch.
Hut, hut, hut, and 35 yards later, VanVooren scored adding the last touch-down to the final score of 62-0

Enjoy the video & I dare you not to feel anything after watching it!

So what did you think?

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How Many Calories Can You Burn in 30 Minutes?

How Many Calories Can You Burn in 30 Minutes?

Simple, watch this quick video and get the answer!

Buzzfeed decided to show us how many calories we could burn (should we chose to accept this task) via different exercises and sports.

Tennis, Air Boxing, and Running being the classic methods, but let’s not forget the less classic powerwalking (aka “mom running”) dancing, and beginners yoga.

We even burn calories by…watching Youtube videos!

Let that be a lesson to you, whatever you do (as long as you’re doing it right) you burn calories!!

So start watching those ViralHipster videos people!

On similar note, here is what 2000 calories look like (in case you were wondering what you needed to burn 😉

Muay Thai training like a man

If you’re doing a bit of sport over the weekend, don’t try to train like this man!

This lad shows us how a real Muay Thai training is done.

To be honest with you, I wouldn’t even try to imitate what he does!

Buakaw Por Pramet is a Thai welterweight Muay Thai kickboxer, fighting out of Por Pramuk Gym, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Twice Omnoi Stadium champion in 2004 and 2006 and K-1 World MAX champion.

In 2011 he won 7 fights 4 of which have ended by way knockout…

Would you pick a fight with this guy?

Still not impressed? Here’s a video showing a few highlights of what he gives in the ring!

Wilko’s still got it!

All true rugby fans know how Wilkinsons boot is accurate.

Wilko has one of the steadiest boots in rugby history, and is the true image of a pro rugby player (gifted and humble)

Something, Somewhere is an add used to sell fitness clothing from Fineside.com, which Wilko founded 3 years ago with his brother.

What better way to sell sports clothes than use a pro sportsman such as Jonny Wilkinson?

The World Cup winner can be seen demonstrating his deadly accuracy in a number of different scenarios. This video is the third in a series of six videos which are to be made.

I wonder how re-takes this video needed (very little I imagine).

Source : Joe.ie

Heartwarming act of sportsmanship

Sports not only teaches you how to loose fat and play with others, but also how to play fair and respect people for who they are.

Personnaly, I think that rugby is the best sport to learn all of this, but every other sport also has their advantages.

American sports teams have a reputation of being very competitive even at a school level, but what about fair play?

The following video shows us that fair play not only exists, but is perfected by some teams.

On the one hand, high school team in El Paso offered a spot as team manager to Mitchell Marcus, a young boy with development disability who is a huge fan of the game. The head coach who offered him the spot explains how he gave him the job to show the other players what real passion for the sport means.

On the other hand, we have the Franklin High basketball team, who play the final game of the season against El Paso.

For the final game against Franklin High, El Paso’s head coach Peter Morales decided to offer Mitchell the chance of a lifetime by asking him to get his kit on for the game. Mitchell would have been more than pleased doing just that, but his coach hadn’t finished with his surprise.

With a few minutes left to play, and his team leading by 10 points, Morales subbed a player and replaced him by…you guessed it…Mitchell!

But the story doesn’t end there, despite the best efforts of his teammates, and the crowd roaring his name, Mitchells’ shots just didn’t want to go into the net.

With only a few seconds to go, the game seemed to end with a victory for El Paso, but no points from Mitchell.

That was all before what I consider to be one of the most sportsmanship things I have seen in my lifetime.

Yes, you guessed it, Mitchell ends up scoring his shot! But what a way to score!!

Franklin High’s Jonathan Montanez called out to Mitchell, gave him the ball…he shot…and HE SCORED!!!

The crowd went wild, spilling onto the court in appreciation. The shot didn’t change much to the score board, but the moment was celebrated like a championship victory, and will be remembered as one of the most sportsmanship moments of American (at least High school) history.

Here’s the recap of the scene and the reactions of the players, team-mates and more.

O’Gara replacé par Paddy Jackson!


Selon Joe.ie, site internet spécialisé dans le sport irlandais et tout ce qui touche aux centres d’intérêts masculins, Declan Kidney devrait annoncer cet après-midi la non sélection de Ronan O’Gara en faveur du jeune Paddy Jackson.

Joe.ie explique que Declan Kidney va prendre l’une des plus grosses décisions de sa carrière si les rumeurs répandues dans tous les médias irlandais se confirment cet après-midi. Paddy Jackson, jeune talent d’Ulster devrait donc débuter au poste de numéro 10 à la place de Ronan O’Gara contre l’Ecosse ce week-end.

Avec un Jonathan Sexton forfait pour le match à Murrayfield et probablement celui contre la France (ouf bonne nouvelle pour nous), son remplaçant logique malgré une mauvaise prestation contre les anglais le week-end dernier, aurait dû être l’éternel O’Gara au 127 caps.

Les rumeurs sur cette décision nous font également réfléchir sur la suite de la carrière internationale de Ronan O’Gara. Avec Sexton qui commence à s’imposer en premier choix au poste de n°10 et les années qui commencent à le rattraper (36 ans déjà) Ronan devra se poser les bonnes questions…

Le sélectionneur du XV du trèfle devrait également donner sa chance au jeune centre Luke Marshall, pour sa première sélection au côté de Brian O’Driscoll. Tom Court (et non Dave Kilcoyne) remplacerait Cian Healy (suspendu) en première ligne.

Beaucoup des changements dans son XV de départ type lui ont été imposés à cause des nombreuses blessures du côté des verts. Mais une décision telle que la sélection de Paddy Jackson au lieu de Ronan O’Gara rajouterait encore plus à la pression médiatique envers le sélectionneur depuis la défaite de l’Irlande face aux Anglais la semaine dernière.

Bien évidemment, pour faire durer le suspense rien n’est encore confirmé pour la sélection de Jackson, mais toute la presse irlandaise en parle depuis ce matin.
Info ou intox, tout sera confirmé cet après-midi à 14h30.

L’équipe d’Irlande qui affrontera l’Ecosse ce week-end devra donc être : Kearney; Gilroy, O’Driscoll, Marshall, Earls; Jackson, Murray; Court, Best, Ross, O’Callaghan, Ryan, O’Mahony, O’Brien, Heaslip (capitaine).

Half-time shot wins a scholarship

Each year, Brandon University (Canada) holds the “Smitty’s Tuition shoot-out” with a prize of a semester of tuition paid for in full.

Mason Kaluzniak, the student selected for to take the shot, chose Bobcats head coach Gil Cheung to shoot the half court shot for him.

Using all his skills, the coach swished aced the shot!

This video has already got 300,000 hits just over the weekend & was used by YahooSports, USAToday, and the Sun

Here’s the video of the event

Here’s another half-time shot you may also remember

(read the full article linked to the last video here)

Mskani scores a stunning winner for Tunisia in the African Nations Cup!

Just as we all started to think that the match was going to end in a nil-nil final score, Mskani made a stunning shot ending in the back of the net bringing the score to 1 nil and winning the match for Tunisia.

Knowing the African Nations Cup, even more spectacular goals will follow before the February 10th!