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Spiderman2 trailer

We’ve all been waiting for it and here it is, the new Spiderman trailer has finally been released!!

In this film Spiderman (aka Peter Parker) is going to fight against yet another new supervillain “Electro” played by none other than Jamie Foxx.

The basic plot stays the same :
-Spiderman fights against a new villain
-Spidermans friends/lovers (Mary Jane & Harry Osbourn) are in danger
-Spiderman has problems defeating the vilain & seems week
-Spiderman makes new friends or meets up with old acquaintances & saves the day
-The film ends and leaves room for another spectacular opus

Yet we all want to watch the movie.

But why? Because it’s Spiderman that’s why damn it!

He’s the only superhero that can swing through New York, defeat the villains, and save the day.
And did I mention HE CAN SWING THROUGH NEW YORK! I bet you that anyone would just love to have a go at that.

As promised, here’s the new trailer!
(and yes when I saw it, there were only 301+ views on the counter 😉

So? What did you think? Comments ready, steady…GO!

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Taekwondo Spiderman

With over 100,000 hits in a day (and counting) this video will make you laugh!

Ginger Ninja published a video a while back that went viral, so naturally, I have to write about it.

A Taekwondo master dressed in a Spidey suit maybe the closest decided he wanted to become a web-slinging hero.

Much like spiderman, he shows off amazing, near-inhuman maneuvers that seemingly only a true superhero would be able to perform.

The video has already been shown by DailyPicks, Reddit, CollegeHumor, MilkAndCookies and ViralViralVideos.

Go spidey go!