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Real-life Wolverine Claws!

With the new X-Men film coming out, more and more fan videos and cosplay pics are popping up on the internet at the moment.

Despite there being a plenty, this one in particular caught my eye, and beleive me, it’s definately worth the watch!

A British plumber with a passion for extreme DIY decided to create the invention that every bullied teen want to have in the playground.

Come to think about it, every employee who’s a fan of X-Men, or just wants an easy way for his co-workers to fear and respect him will want this expensive gadget!

So what did this lad actually build?

Well… a fully functional set of retractable steel claws modeled after the ferocious X-Men Wolverine of course!

Whatch the video below to check it out!!

So, do you beleive me now?

What do you think he will build next? Could you do better? 😉

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The True Science of Parallel Universes

Oh no, not another educational science video? Don’t worry, this is a science video with a difference.

Most of you have already heard about Henry Reich and his Minute Physics youtube videos.

Well, here he is again with his latest video “Everyone loves the idea of parallel universes.”

This version of a “science” video speaks about Hollywood science, and how they use theories that are based on the impossible premise of travelling to an alternate reality just like ours, only a little different.

The question is : Is there really any true science behind these statements? I wonder…

Enjoy the video and tell me what you think!

How to get free soda!

Have you ever lost your change to a coke machine? Lost your spare change for chips to a crisps dispenser?

Of course, everyone has at least once…

This kid has found the solution!

Full of genius ideas, Youtube user ioduremetallique decided to find a way to get your own back.

Thanks to one of his inventions, used to try and win a prize at the fun fairs, he made a personal “get your own back on the machine” kit.

Though the device is far from being inconspicuous, it definately works!

Here’s another video from the same author entitled “How to cheat in class”

Would you use the device?

Stupid science experiment

Add 6 friends, one camera, an electric fence and some stupidity and this is what you get!

No one was hurt (thankfully) in the video posted by Angus Fowles.

Over 2 million people already viewed the video where 5 daring friends (and one intelligent cameramen) decide to conduct an experiment using an electric fence…

A few chairs were laid out, and the experiment could commence.

The first 4 obviously didn’t receive a shock since all where on a chair or a “conducter”.

Then little Jimmy (or so we shall call him) came into the scene, took off his shoes, and joined into the human chain.

A dumb idea probably conjured up out of a mixture of boredome and curiosity, this “experiment” was bound to end the way it did.

What do you think happened?

Watch the video so see if you were right!

This is proof that “safe” stupidity on Youtube pays off.

Solar Power burn!

Sun light is an amazing power source and we all remember the fun experiments we had using it in our backyards.

Grant Thompson posted a video showing how he uses solar power in his backyard science experiments.

The video was posted in December, but it has just experienced a viral surge over the weekend.

From a previous experiment, Grant got his hands on a giant older television with a perfect screen to create a dangerously powerful solar lens in his backyard.

The experiment may remind you ‘ant frying with a magnifying lens’ in our backgardens, but this DIY lens can literally melt metal, and instantly cause wood to ignite into flames.

When graphic designers meet scientists

Graphic designers are arty, smart, and sometimes even creative and every now and then some tend to have excellent ideas.

This project is the perfect example of just that!

When graphic designers meets science to try to explain and popularize the subject, the result is worth the watch.

Bombay’s Designs using Darwin, Pythagorus, Archimedes and many more were thought up specifically for the National Science Day in India in honour of Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman.

Even if you don’t recognize all of the names, the design gives you a helping hand!









Were you able to identify all 8?

3D Pen!

What if we found something even better than 3D printeres?

Well, 2 associates seemed to have done so by inventing a 3D pen, which allows you to create 3D objects via their device.

After over a year of research and development, they seem to have found their final version with what they call 3Doodler.

The idea is simple but needed to be perfected. Melted plastic contained in the pen solidifies as soon as it contacts the air. In this video they show how to use the device to create both simple and complex models.

Use your imagination and the pen seems to be able to do the rest!

I am obviously a fan of such a device, which could be used by both architects and people who just have a lot of imagination alike.

WobbleWorks LLC (founded by the 2 associates you will see in the video) financed their project thanks to Kickstarter, a platform allowing startups to develop their innovating ideas or products.

3Doodler has already received 627.548 dollars since the product was officialised yesterday and according to The Verge, you can order your 3Doodler now for $75 and receive yours in Automn 2013.

What is the Universe?

What is the universe?

This seems like a question you would anwswer in a philosophy dissertation, that can have a far more complex answer than you think.

Well, Minute Physics answered the question for us via…you guessed it, physics.

What would you answer to this question?

I’m sure that Sheldon Cooper (from the Big Bang Theory) would have more than a things to add about this topic

Enjoy the sun

Sun is good for you and makes you more productive  according to a recent study made in Denmark showing the effects of the sun on 2 solar powered dummies.

The same experiment could also have been made in the UK or Ireland.

I’ll let you enjoy the rest.

God bless Danish scientists who have a bit of time on their hands!

(via Alexander B.)