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Rugby and Volleyball are good for you!

Good morning all,

I decided to share a very important piece of information I just found lying about on the interweb.

Believe it or not, Volleyball and Rugby are the 2 sports you should definately play if you want to stay in shape and have a longer life!

For those of you who don’t know, both sports were invented in 1830 (rugby) and 1895 (volleyball)



But how can these sports be compatible?
One is running after an egg and hitting each other, while the other is jumpping up and down to get a ball onto the other side of a high net.

Well, lets let the facts speak for themselves shall we?

Both sports have a lot in common :

They are both team sports, both get you healthy, and both allow you to smile at the end of the day.

But wait, there’s more, there’s a reason why these sports more than any other.

Both can be played during the same week, sometimes even the same day, as long as you don’t play at a professional level!

Studies even show that rugby at a proper company level, and volleyball for a French team would be perfect :

The pie charts just speak for themselves :

Life with just one sport :


Life with Rugby and volleyball :


So what do you think?

Still not enough?

I also recently decided to check the facts out for myself by interviewing Dr. J. who wrote a Phd about this.

His conclusions were even more specific.

He tried many “sports cocktails” rugby, athletics, fencing, polo, swimming, football, cricket etc.

According to his research, though all were excellent sports, which he would recommend, only 2 were perfectly compatible : Rugby and Volleyball.

The reason being that both sports used the perfect muscles and reflexes ratio, that would allow you to stay healthy and happy longer!

His study went into even more depth showing that one specific club could help you develop the rugby side :


What do you think?

All volleyball clubs seem compatible.

I can tell you for a fact that I will try this out for myself!!

For those of you who want to join their club to try, you can do so by clicking here or here

Wilko’s still got it!

All true rugby fans know how Wilkinsons boot is accurate.

Wilko has one of the steadiest boots in rugby history, and is the true image of a pro rugby player (gifted and humble)

Something, Somewhere is an add used to sell fitness clothing from Fineside.com, which Wilko founded 3 years ago with his brother.

What better way to sell sports clothes than use a pro sportsman such as Jonny Wilkinson?

The World Cup winner can be seen demonstrating his deadly accuracy in a number of different scenarios. This video is the third in a series of six videos which are to be made.

I wonder how re-takes this video needed (very little I imagine).

Source : Joe.ie

Brave Mathieu Raynal

For once I will not be speaking about a viral video or topic, but a rare rugby event.

The match started like any other for the French Top14 Championship.

Montpellier were hosting what was planned to be an epic match against Racing Metro.

The players/gladiators were in place and Mathieu Raynal, armed with his trusty whistle, was ready to tame the beasts!

The match was tough, the forwards were rowling against Raynal (not surprising, they are forwards) and the backs were prancing around like springbocks as usual (yes, they chose to leave all the hard work to the beefy forwards in the pack). Nothing out of the ordinary for such a match.

2 Tries were scored by Racing, a few penalties on both sides, business as usual until…

Raynal foolishly got too close to the fierce freaks of nature.

Trapped! Surrounded by the a few members of the pack, there was no escape.

Only one solution was possible, with just over 20 minutes to go, do your best and pray that the pack will attack each other before they attacked him…

Smart plan, but it was too late. Spotted, Mathieu had to think fast and flee for his life!

Run fool, run!!

Trapped he was, and trapped he would remain. In trying to flee for his life, 2 younger beasts (obviously less tamed then the rest) teamed up to attack the young man.


Crack! Everyone near knew that it was the end for Mathieu.

Luckily enough, 4 Elder beasts moved the young rebels, saving Mathieu from a long and gruelsome death.

Alas, the damage was already done, Mathieu was already on the ground, his tibia was in pieces…

Once the crowd realized the gravity of the situation, even Ceaser stopped laughing.

Ceaser was good, 2 slaves were thrown into the pit.

Together they worked, and off with Mathieu they went.

Even the most drugged and drunk of the crowd had to admire Mathieu’s courage.

Mathieu’s face was as white as snow, but he would survive and fight another day.

Another tamer would replace him for the remaining 20 minutes and the “game” would go on.

We wish Mathieu Raynal a promt recovery! Get well soon, your sacrifice will not be forgotten.


Here’s the video for the less faint of heart :

Will England get the Grand Slam?

After beating Scotland, Ireland, and now even France, we have to ask ourselves the (unfortunate) question “Will England get the Grand Slam?”

To be honest with you, I hope the answer to that question is no, but England are also the team to beat at the moment.

Their pack is strong, their backs are all built on muscles, and for once…their team are actually playing a rugby that’s worth watching (as opposed to their previous techniques for winning the games via Wilko’s kicking and drop goals…)

All our hopes now rest on Italy and Wales’ shoulders!

Can Italy beat the mighty English? Can Wales raise the level of their game and repeat their fantastic victory against England in 2012?

We will have to wait for the next 2 matches to see…

All I can say is that I will be behind both Italy and Wales for the next matches!!

At least this weekends turmoil is over, with France scoring a nice try this weekend thanks to Wesley Fofana.

Let’s relive that try, which proves that Fofana is a true centre (not a winger…) and that not all French players were not that poor.

Picamoles was also part of this group of players who played at their level.

Ireland surprisingly lost to the “Brave Scots” in Murrayfield on Sunday after too many Irish mistakes, and a lot of Scottish Flair!

Here’s a summing up of the match!

As for the 2 teams left, Wales beat Italy, building on their confidence before their next games against Scotland, and THE match to win against England.

I hope that they will read my article and watch this video to galvanise them for their match against Scotland and…England.

Le Crunch est arrivé!

Le Crunch, seul vrai match du tournoi pour tous les français est arrivé!

Quoi qu’il arrive, ce match reste le match ultime pour le XV de la rose et le XV de France.

Bastareaud -vs- Tuilagui, Trin Dhuc -vs- Farrel, le pack entier français contre les “gros cochons rosbeefs” lequel d’entre eux en sortira vainqueur? Seul les 80 minutes de ce soir nous le diront!

Malgré le fait que les médias ne se sont pas trop étendus sur le sujet cette semaine, et le fait que les français ont déçu lors de leurs derniers matchs, “Le Crunch” reste toujours LE match à voir cette saison.

Les français doivent se racheter, et les anglais doivent prouver qu’ils n’ont pas épousé un banc de musculation pour rien!

Tous les ingrédients principaux sont regroupés pour ce match, mais comment se préparer à le regarder du côté des fans?

Pour ceux qui n’auront pas la chance d’aller à Twickenham, ou dans un bar bondé de fans, profitez de votre télé, de vos amis, et surtout d’une bonne bière fraîche!

Un groupe d’américains ont eu l’idée parfaite d’inventer le siège parfait pour ce match.

Avec une tirette intégrée dans le siège, plus besoin de se lever pour aller au frigo pendant les moments intenses du match! Jusqu’au moment où mère nature nous appellera pour passer aux toilettes.

Voici la vidéo du siège en question:

Et voici une compilation des meilleurs essais français en attendant le match!

O’Gara replacé par Paddy Jackson!


Selon Joe.ie, site internet spécialisé dans le sport irlandais et tout ce qui touche aux centres d’intérêts masculins, Declan Kidney devrait annoncer cet après-midi la non sélection de Ronan O’Gara en faveur du jeune Paddy Jackson.

Joe.ie explique que Declan Kidney va prendre l’une des plus grosses décisions de sa carrière si les rumeurs répandues dans tous les médias irlandais se confirment cet après-midi. Paddy Jackson, jeune talent d’Ulster devrait donc débuter au poste de numéro 10 à la place de Ronan O’Gara contre l’Ecosse ce week-end.

Avec un Jonathan Sexton forfait pour le match à Murrayfield et probablement celui contre la France (ouf bonne nouvelle pour nous), son remplaçant logique malgré une mauvaise prestation contre les anglais le week-end dernier, aurait dû être l’éternel O’Gara au 127 caps.

Les rumeurs sur cette décision nous font également réfléchir sur la suite de la carrière internationale de Ronan O’Gara. Avec Sexton qui commence à s’imposer en premier choix au poste de n°10 et les années qui commencent à le rattraper (36 ans déjà) Ronan devra se poser les bonnes questions…

Le sélectionneur du XV du trèfle devrait également donner sa chance au jeune centre Luke Marshall, pour sa première sélection au côté de Brian O’Driscoll. Tom Court (et non Dave Kilcoyne) remplacerait Cian Healy (suspendu) en première ligne.

Beaucoup des changements dans son XV de départ type lui ont été imposés à cause des nombreuses blessures du côté des verts. Mais une décision telle que la sélection de Paddy Jackson au lieu de Ronan O’Gara rajouterait encore plus à la pression médiatique envers le sélectionneur depuis la défaite de l’Irlande face aux Anglais la semaine dernière.

Bien évidemment, pour faire durer le suspense rien n’est encore confirmé pour la sélection de Jackson, mais toute la presse irlandaise en parle depuis ce matin.
Info ou intox, tout sera confirmé cet après-midi à 14h30.

L’équipe d’Irlande qui affrontera l’Ecosse ce week-end devra donc être : Kearney; Gilroy, O’Driscoll, Marshall, Earls; Jackson, Murray; Court, Best, Ross, O’Callaghan, Ryan, O’Mahony, O’Brien, Heaslip (capitaine).

Try of the week?

I’ve decided to add a try of the week section to the site during the 6 nations tournament.

This week there weren’t many tries, so the decision isn’t very difficult to make.

Here’s what many chose as their try of the week.

Scotland’s fullback Stuart Hogg intercepts Italy’s pass and makes a huge run for it & with his speed, stamina and determination, he makes a 90metre dash for the line and scores!

What do you think?

Italy Beats France



Italy played at their best…and France were defeated.

Congratulations to Italy, who fully deserved their victory.

After a perfect few matches during the Autumn tests, France were suprisingly poor both in Attack, and defence.

The game started poorly with a first kick from Michalak ending directly in touch, and things would only get worse.

Each opportunity that the French had to score ended in either a knock-on, a forward pass or other mistakes…

Despite Picamole’s try, the French were still dominated in all sectors.

All in all, France played a poor Match, and Italy showed how much they progressed thanks to their coach Jacques Brunel.

Although I’m French, I was genuinly pleased to see how the Italians have progressed and improved their discipline.

Hopefuly, they will go far this year…and beat the English!

Here’s a video summary of the match :

Rugby flick by Zebo!

The 6 Nations rugby tournament has started with a blast!

Ireland beat Wales, and England (unfortunately) beat the Brave Scots.

One image that shows why we call the game Rugby Football when Simon Zebo, Ireland’s winger, controlled the ball perfectly with his feet to set his team-mate Cian Healey.

The video is being watched all over the sporting world.

Quade Cooper himself complimented our talented Munsterman!


Even during the Superbowl, some American Media said “If This Play Is Any Indication, We Should All Start Watching Rugby” (via Deadspin)

The Silence

Here is Ireland’s 1st commercial for the 6 Nations Tournament.

Simple yet efficient

2 messages are in the video : Respect the kickers & The fans are the 16th man.
(not to forget the 3rd, more subtle message that Sexton never misses his kicks in Lansdowne!)

What do you think?

Here is the 1st French commercial for the 6 nations.
Which do you prefer?