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Drink & Drive prank

The Christmas holiday season is coming with all the present opening, chocolate eating, and a bit of drinking (don’t deny it, we all have a few drinks during the long christmas dinners 😉

On that note, youtube prankster Tom Mabe decided to pull off an epic prank to stop his friend from drinking and driving!

With 5 DUI’s already, Tom decided that his friend needed an intervention, but rather than gathering up all his friends in a room and giving a few speaches, he decided that actions would speak louder than words.

To teach his friend a lesson, his friends familly agreed to prank him like never before to make him realize how dangerous drinking and driving was.

After passing out, his family dropped him off at Tom’s office which was turned into a hospital room for the occasion.

After finally waking up in a hospital bed connected to beeping machines, Tom and his ‘medical staff’ convinced the freshly awoken friend that he had been in a coma for ten long years.

To be honest with you, this clip would be more efficient than all the rubbish they show on tv to try to stop people drinking and driving!

So what did you think?

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Beer tap prank!

As it turns out, New Zealand isn’t only famous for their rugby team & the epic scenery for Lord of the Rings, it’s also a breading ground for young pranksters!

A group of yound lads from New Zealand wanted to prank one of their old friends but just couldn’t decide what to come up with.

Painting his bedroom/house pink? That’s already been done…
Hidden surprises in his furniture? That’s already been done to…
What about…replacing his water supply by kegs of beer?


As you will see in this video, the lads put a lot of planning into the prank, each friend having a specific job (some seem to just stay on the lookout for their other friend to come home 😉

2 other words come to mind after viewing this video : Epic Party!
Please Sir, can I have to more Sir?
You sure can friend, just chose a tap!

For the whole prep part, watch from the begining until the 4:50 mark and wait for the reaction just after!

Sit back, relax, have a cold beer, and press play!

So what did you think?

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Jimmy Kimmel ruins valentine’s day!

Jimmy Kimmel strikes again with yet another one of his youtube challenges!

After ruining Christmas and Haloween, he wanted to ruin valentine’s day.

The aim was simple, each guy had to post a video of their girlfriend reacting to a horrible Valentine’s day gift.

Snakes, Bugs, and much more were on the cards for these lads.

Fair play to their wives and girlfriends for being such sports.

Let’s see how they did.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the Christmas and Haloween version of Kimmy’s Youtube challenge, here are 2 compilation videos

Each of which got 22 and 24 million youtube hits.


Here’s the Haloween version :

And here’s the Christmas version: