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Matt Damon won’t use the toilets!

In February of this year Matt Damon decided to go on a “toilet strike” to raise awareness about the lack of availability to clean water in the world.

In a fake interview with a few well known actors in the crowd, Matt tried to explain why the strike was so important to him : “In protest of this global tragedy, until this issue is resolved, until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom,”.

The strike is obviously fake, but the issues are real since 2.5 billion people around the world lack access to these essential elements.

His video announcement got over a million Youtube hits already but that was only the begining.

Ever since, celebs have been helping him spread the word by making viral videos linked to the subject.

Thank God Matt has a good sense of humour because the latest one makes fun of him even more than the others!

After Jason Bateman, Jessica Biel and Josh Gad, it was Bono, Olivia Wilde, and Richard Branson’s turn.

Here’s the final result for the video they posted over the weekend :

And on the same note, here are the previous videos I mentionned :

The original video where Matt announces his strike

Jessica Biel and Co supporting him

A few Youtube supporters

Elysium Official Trailer

The creators of District 9 give us Elysium!

In the year 2159, the world is divided into 2 :
-the rich living a perfect disease free life in Elysium, their man made haven
-the poor and middle class living down on Earth, where everything has become hectic and men seem to have turned on each other

One man decides (as usual, no surprise here) to change this by trying to attack Elysium and bring back equality to both worlds.

Who else to be this man than our very own Matt Damon!

After his serious films, we see a Matt back to his action hero fanatasy character.

Spoiler alert for the ladies, Matt got his head shaved for this film, so is a little less handsome then you’re used to 😉