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Logos with honest slogans!

What if logos were honest?

If you switch on your PC, live in a big city, or even just turn on your tv, you can’t spend a day without seeing a logo…

But what if these logos were honest about what they sell, or how we use it?

Not a chance in hell! Or at least for the moment (if a company did such a thing, their ad would go viral in seconds!)

In the meantime, let’s have a look at these photoshopped logos showing what we all think about these brands.


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Poo Pourri, the posh poo perfume

Everyone knows that girls don’t poop, that’s just a common fact, but what if they did? 😉

What if you needed to poop in public? An unplanned need to go to the toilet at a party, at work or even at your boyfriends’?

Relentless flushing would get rid of the marks, and toilet paper the sound, but what of the smell?

Have no fear! A dash of Poo Pourri and even the worst of stenches will disappear!!

With the magic potion placed in a perfectly adapted little perfume sized bottle hidden in your purse, all you need to do is add a drop into your weapon of choice, and do your worse without any anoying leftover smells.

Already available on Amazon, this product really seems to work.

But how could you promote such a perfect product?

With a posh young British lady of course!

Let’s let her do the talking :

So? Would you buy this product?

I know I would!

Before any of you ask more, this product really does exist! You can visit their site here

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Don’t drink and drive!

Don’t drink and drive!

Each year near the festive season, drinking awareness campaigns seem to pop up on our tv screens out of a sudden.

The more gore and violent, the more “effect” marketers believe the ad has an effect on us.

Unfortunately the reality (which our fellow marketing teams don’t seem to care about) is that most campaigns are so violent that they remind us of horror films or tv series we see all the time.

But what if a marketing team decided to create a proper commercial to make us realize just how much alcohol effects our driving without showing us a Hollywood style video?

Leo Burnett London decided to do just that with their new Think! Drink Drive ad.

Spoiler alert, if your faint hearted, sit down while you watch this one!

For even more effect, watch the video in full screen mode with the sound on at full blast!

Source : Leo Brett London

Share your Coke can!

Once again Ogilvy & Mather have teamed up with Coke to give you a brand new concept to share your Coke with friends!

Coke already already launched several concepts to get free Coke with friends. The Free Coke for free hugs, the Giant Coke machine where you need a friend to help you get 2 free large Cokes, and much more.

But there was one thing Coke understood, whatever you did, you couldn’t share a can of Coke properly. Well actually, you could, but without a glass, both friends couldn’t enjoy the refreshing taste of Coke at the same time.
That is until now!

Realizing that friends couldn’t share a can together, Coke found the perfect solution.

What if one can could made up of 2 smaller, equal cans?

Thanks to Coke, this was made possible!

Coke designed special cans where you can twist off the top to divide your can into 2, either allowing your friend to have his own or make a new friend by offering him/her one.

Unfortunately Coke won’t tell us if the can is a real product they intend to commercialize, or just another cunningly planned marketing stunt.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy their promo video!

Coke Zero presents Zero Clue!

Coke are used to sharing tasteful marketing videos with us and this was no exeption.

This time Coke teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather Paris to promote their Coke Zero.

The aim was to show people how you can drink Coke Zero and enjoy the same taste as a “real” coke without knowing the difference!

Let’s see how our fellow coke fans did.

Here’s another commercial Coke aired in France using the same technique : tricking people into drinking Coke Zero to see if they saw the difference

Facebook Home Promo Video

Facebook recently announced the arrival of their newest innovation Facebook Home and did so in style.

For those of you who didn’t have time to watch the live 1hour conference, here’s one of their videos they used to promote Facebook Home.

Granted, the video isn’t the best in the world, but it’s Facebook, so they don’t need to spend millions of dollars promoting a new product.

What do you think?

Would you use the new Facebook Home?

If you didn’t see the conference, here’s a preview of what Facebook Home will look like on your mobile

Cunningly Vandalized Billboards

In modern day society, we see billboards and commercials everywhere we go!

Paris, London, and New York are the worst hit, but wherever we seem to go, at least one or two billboards just seem to show up out of no where.

Crack Two.com decided to make billboards a little less annoying by making a compilation of the 30 most Masterfully vandalized billboards so far.

This just makes you see how people have quite an imagination!

What do you think?

Source : CrackTwo

London does Star Trek!

Film companies are always looking for more unique ways to promote their new films and the more they dare, the better the effect!

Paramount made no exeption for Star Trek’s new film “Into Darkness” by deciding to promote their film with a marketing technique linked to the theme of the Saga.

All you needed to do to is look up in the sky and wonder about galaxies far away.

Live long and prosper!