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The Longest Daycare #Simpsons

With already 23 Seasons (and counting) and an excellent movie, only one thing was missing for Matt Groeining’s hit show the Simpsons.

But what else could he think of you say? A real life version of the Simpsons? A Broadway show? Simpsons on Ice?

The answer is…none of the above! Matt chose to create a short film with the cutest of the Simpson’s characters : Maggie.

Imagine a day in Kindergarden lived through the eyes of a child. A day spent in the annoying company of her unibrowed arch nemesis, abandonned by her own mother, but a day that Maggie will get through!

Directed by David Silverman, who also directed “The Simpsons Movie” the film was nominated for the Oscars of short films!

So let’s all just sit back, relax, and take 4 minutes and 52 seconds to enjoy ourselves!

What do you think?