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Mission Impossible revisited

Lindsey Stirling and the Piano guys made classical music cool again by interepreting modern songs with classical instruments.

For their latest Youtube video, Stirling and the Piano guys decided to team up to make their own musical version of…Mission Impossible.

I am a fan of classical music, but I admit that some songs are a little long and difficult to listen to if you’re not a real fan.

Thanks to this lot, even a person who prefers rap or heavy metal music will agree that this classical music can be cool and enjoyed by all!

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to watch and rate this video.

Here’s the “original” updated version of Mission Impossible and a modern version of Rockelbel’s Canon.

The updated version of Mission Impossible by Limp Bizkit from a few years back

And the modern version of Rockelbel’s Canon by the Piano Guys