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Italy Beats France



Italy played at their best…and France were defeated.

Congratulations to Italy, who fully deserved their victory.

After a perfect few matches during the Autumn tests, France were suprisingly poor both in Attack, and defence.

The game started poorly with a first kick from Michalak ending directly in touch, and things would only get worse.

Each opportunity that the French had to score ended in either a knock-on, a forward pass or other mistakes…

Despite Picamole’s try, the French were still dominated in all sectors.

All in all, France played a poor Match, and Italy showed how much they progressed thanks to their coach Jacques Brunel.

Although I’m French, I was genuinly pleased to see how the Italians have progressed and improved their discipline.

Hopefuly, they will go far this year…and beat the English!

Here’s a video summary of the match :