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Youtube through history

Youtube’s Comedy week just finished , but their videos are here to stay!

As a part of last week’s YouTube Comedy Week, Above Average Network uploaded a video showing what human history would have been like if there was YouTube through the years.

What would Mozart have uploaded? how would have Cleopatra showed off her natural makeup? What about Edgar Allan Poe and his dark poems.

With already 700,000 Youtube hits the video has already gone viral.

What you have added to this video?What moment in history did they forget? More importantly, which was your favourite moment?

Enjoy the video!

38 historic photos

The twentieth century has many forgotten rare historical photos.

Forgotten, that is, until internet and digital scanning of photos came to exist!

Thanks to this, here are 38 historical photos shared on the net for millions to see.

Pop, Politics, War and more, you choose your favourite!