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Could you work for Heineken?


Everyone wants to get their dream internship or job, and we obviously listen to our lecturers, mentors and friends’ tips on how to get it.

The only best way to get that job, is to be yourself, and know what recruiters are looking for.

Heineken recently offered an internship in their sponsoring and events department, and met with 1734 candidates.

How did they choose “the one” you ask?

Simple, when your name is Heineken and your marketing team understands what your clients need, you make a viral video out of it!

The ingredients for this genious plan were simple. Take the 1734 candidates, add a few hidden camera’s and prepare 3 unexpected situations to see how they react and if their answers are honest, and there you have it!

The final 3 candidates were chosen by Heineken’s marketing team, and the most popular one was flown out to Juventus for their Champions League match to announce the final result.

Would you have what it takes to work for Heineken?