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Fuck the Harlem Shake!

Although still as popular, the Harlem Shake phenomenon is becoming slightly less visible in the media and social network pages.

So many versions came out (some funny, others less so) that it seemed that no one could escape the crazy dance.

Personally, I only want to see Harlem Shake videos that would be used for a good cause like “the worst harlem shake ever” to make people more aware of Parkinsons disease.

LeTonyRagecomics decided to step it up a notch by making “Fuck the Harlem Shake”.

You would think that the title would say it all, but they also make fun of Psy’s Gangnam Style and One Pound fish!

Fair play lads, you understood the exact method to use to get rid of a viral video…make another one!

For those of you who don’t know Gangnam Style and One Pound Fish, here are both of their viral videos.

Simpsons Harlem Shake!

When will we get fed up of Harlem Shake videos?

So many are on the internet at the moment, but when will people decide to stop?!

Everyone is trying to become more original but thousands of videos already exist, and they seem to be reproducing…

That said, every now and then we find a video that changes from the usual, and this familly could have done a Harlem SHake whenever they wish!

Some people would say that the Simpsons have gone “mainstream” by participating in more and more commercials and viral videos, but no one can argue that this familly will stay number one in the eyes of their fans.

Even their non fans have to agree that they are from being as bad as other tv programs you can see in the US (I wouldn’t dare to mention reality TV shows, oops, I just did, my mistake 😉

So without further ado, I present you with the “Homer Shake”, the Simpsons version of a video that went to viral.

Keep an eye out on the site to see how some Harlem Shake videos went out of hand…

Harlem takes its shake back!

Over the past few weeks, the new “swag” of the moment has been the Harlem Shake.

Much like most of what becomes a global phenomenon at the moment, we don’t know where the original version comes from.

Where does the Harlem Shake come from and why has it become so popular?

Well, the answer is simple, and in the title of the song/dance frenzy.

The origin of the song/dance comes from…Harlem (obviously).

But isn’t Harlem an area in the States where the famous Globe Trotters come from? Because for the moment I’ve seen lots of people dance around for 30 seconds with absolutely no fear of making a fool of themselves, but not once have I seen a video even remotely looking like it came from Harlem.

That is until now…

Instead of the usual 30 second bash to your brain, this video lasts just over 4 minutes, and is actually worth the watch.
If you’re man enough to last the 30 seconds of the usual Harlem Shake, you’re in for a treat. (and let’s face it, even if you’re not tough enough, you can last another 30 seconds after all of those “Best Harlem Shake” and “Top 10 Harlem Shake” videos you’ve watched over and over.

So what do you think?

Does this video actually remind you of Harlem?

Oh, and here’s an added bonus since I mentionned the Harlem Globe Trotters, here they are :

Harlem Shake Frenzy!

Harlem shake is the new “thing” at the moment.

I already posted an article with the first few videos but plenty more just seemed to pop up all around the place.

Everyone seems to be trying to surf on the buzz of the moment to get their 30 seconds of fame (or simply promote their company).

The phenomenon has gone global, so here are a few 5minute compilation videos to avoid you having to look all over the net for the best ones.

Which one is your favourite?

#1 The Funny ones

#2 The Original ones

#3 The Irish ones

Irish Girls

Father Ted

Harlem Shake

Just as we were getting used to new dance moves such as the Gangnam style dance, another style seems to be infesting the internet.

The Harlem Shake has (whether we like it or not) arrived.

Here’s a glimpse of a few viral videos at the moment.

1 The office version

2 The room version

3 The friends version

4 The “educational” version

As an added bonus, here is a compilation of the worst dance moves I found on Youtube