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Quick review for The Hangover Part III

For every film worth speaking about, we will watch, criticize, and either love or hate (sometimes both).

Is the film worth the watch, does the trailer make us want to go, should I pay my Cinema ticket or just go for a quick download (legaly of course 😉

This section will mainly be used by our Movie aficionado, young director, and now cinema critic Yoshanka!

So without further ado, here’s what he thought of The Hangover Part III in a nutshell!

Thanks for the post Yosh!


In one word The Hangover Part III is awesome.

Nothing beats the first one but the final instalment of this cult series is off the hook and worth seeing at the cinema.
Unlike the first two, the story doesn’t deal with the protagonists trying to put the pieces of their drug and alcohol fuelled night together and trying to find their friend.

This one is about trying to find the legendary Mr Leslie “I love cocaine” Chow and the gold he stole from a notorious gang lord.

The change in the storyline doesn’t take away the laughs at all, it actually makes the film even more interesting. So if you want to escape from your daily problems for a while and have a great time, then I’ve got 3 words for you: go watch it!


Thanks for the post Yosh!

For those of you who haven’t bought your tickets to go and see the film yet, here’s one of the trailers :