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Google shows us how to use their glasses

As everyone now knows, Google will be launching their new Google Glass soon!

However, if you’re name’s not known all over the world, you probably won’t get a chance to get one of your own for a while.

All good things come to those who wait though, and Google is starting to get the hang of all the marketing they have to do to get as many potential buyers interested and ready to get their checkbooks out!

In their latest marketing op, they decided to release a tutorial showing us how easy is will be to use the Google Glass.

A touch sensitive device that everyone will get the hang of very quickly!

Watch the video to see just how easy it will be.

When the price tag will go down, I’m definately going to buy myself a pair of these!

Google glasses on a date

With Google’s announcement about their Hi-tech glasses, everyone seems to want a pair.

You will be able to search in real-time everything you need, organise hangouts, find the place you need to go to, and much much more.

But what if you wore these on a date? And what if your date didn’t know what you were wearing?

Would your date be embarassed, shocked, surprised, or would she just be one of those Mac fanatics who couldn’t care less and can’t stop speaking about the new Iwatch prototype?

DartanionLondon tries to answer that question in his short film entitled “How Guys Will Use Google Glass”.

Though I’m a huge fan of Google, I doubt guys would use glasses this way (exept for the watching the game part, that would definately happen).

I can picture it now, any guy with these glasses would be able to accept to go shopping with his girlfriend since he would actually be watching the game! All that would need to be perfected in the glasses would be the pause button!

Anyway, enough digression, let’s get back to the video.

Do you think “DartanionLondon” got it right?

Here’s the original promotional video for the Google glasses

Welcome to Googleplex!

Everyone aged 25-30 wants to work for Google!

Work hard, play harder! Hard work with the best of the best in the world, and in the best offices, what more could you ask for?

After autoproclaiming himself as a “hip hop artist”, Google employee Andrew Fink decided to make a “rap” video called “Welcome to Google”.

Now before you watch this video let me remind you of a few things :

1) this is Google’s New York office, we are not in Disneyland Florida so don’t expect a 50cent style rap video

2) though daring, this video had to have been validated by Fink’s superiors since Google has a reputation to upkeep

3) I am a personal fan of Google, so my point of view is COMPLETELY biased

Thumbs up to this lad who did the video. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere it was filmed in, the decor made up of old computers, an Android mascot, and a “What would Google do” book that just happened to be lying around 😉

According to sources from Mashable, Fink, (whose real name is Finklestein) works in the sales department at Wildfire, a social media marketing group that was acquired by Google last year and his resume on LinkedIn shows his two diverging interests: records labels and radio stations.

This cunning young man seems to have found a way to merge this into his new job at Google with this video.

What do you think of Fink’s Google rap? Share in the comments.

I know that I’m a fan! (I wouldn’t buy his cd though 😉

I’m just guessing out loud here, but maybe this video is linked to the new film about Google coming out soon.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it here :

Did I get it right Google? If I did send me a message and I’ll send you my CV (even if I didn’t send me a message and I’ll send you my CV!)

Social Wars!

Facebook et Google are the 2 major social media sites of the moment.

Facebook may be the humungous social network with billions of active users but Google also have their own strengths.

Google being the Mountain View company helping you look for all the information you need on the internet, promote your company and ideas to specific database and much more.

Majestic Media, a web-marketing agency therefore decided to compare the battle between Facebook and Google to the Alliance -vs- The Empire in the Star Wars saga.

Here’s the final result where Eric Schmidt is disguised as the Emperor (or Dark Sidious for all you Star Wars fans), Mark Zuckerberg as Luke Skywalker, and Sherly Sandberg (Facebook’s GM) as Princess Leia.

What do you think?