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Messi, Ronaldo, Casillas, Rooney and more save the world!

What if our world was invaded by aliens who like football?
With the players we have on earth, I’d say we’d be pretty lucky, especially if we were challenged to a match that could save the world!

Well, Samsung imagined that type of situation for us.
Though we don’t see any football being played (yet) the mere fact of seeing all those players in the same team is just amazing!

Bechenbauer was selected as their coach (personally I would have selected Ferguson but that’s just the Man United fan in me speaking 😉 Samsung even have a laugh about most players imaginary “hobbies”

Enough said, watch the video, comment, share, and sign up for more!

Who would you have selected as substitutes?

Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Rooney… Les… par le10sport

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Beckham boys take on Zlatan and Thiago Silva at PSG training

The joy to be the son of a football superstar bought by Paris Saint Germain.

What child wouldn’t like to have a kick around with Thiago Silva and Zlatan?

Well, If your name is surname is Beckham, you can be so lucky…

Filmed at the PSG training ground, Beck’s 2 sons Brooklyn and Cruz not only had the chance to have a bit of a kick around with our favourite Swedish giand and Brazilian superstar, they got to try out all their tricks without being tackled.

As we know, Brooklyn had a trial with Chelsea recently and has a few of his fathers skills but is far from being a young Ronaldo or Messi.

I highly doubt that this kickabout wasn’t part of a publicity stunt, but even if it was, fair play to both Zlatan and Thiago to have let the young lads have a go.

Personally, I would have preferred seing a few unknown lads from different Parisien clubs have a go, but I’m guessing that PSG’s President (who has enough money in his bank account to buy African coutries…) wouldn’t validate the idea.

Never judge a book by its cover!

As everyone knows, you should never judge a book by its cover and this video is the latest example proving why.

If you ever saw a guy like this with a football walking in the street you would think “fair enough, everyone is allowed to play”, but few would think that he would have any real football skills.

Well think again, this big lad does more than I could do with a football.

Granted I am a rugby player, but still…

The lads from Joe.ie found a video taken of this lad showing off his football skills by himself over the weekend.

Would you have expected as much from a lad like this?

This short video will make you think twice before you want to judge a book by its cover!

Source : Joe.ie

Real Football fans

Here’s a video showing how all football fans should be!

Just before the Glasgow Celtic -vs- Juventus Champions league match, the fans started chanting as one.

You will never walk alone!

Celtic – Juventus – You'll never walk alone HD… par Worldsoccerko

On the same note (but we are more used to this) here are Irish football fans Singing and supporting their team until the end.

For 3 mins during the end Ireland -vs- Spain in the Euro 2012, Irish fans sang and supported their losing team.

True supporters!

Heads up!

I had never seen this before.

I don’t believe how the person who validated the idea of this free kick ever thought it would work.

It did however make the headlines all over the world.

Enjoy the first ever (and probably the last) header free kick!

On the same note, here are a few other free kicks or penalty’s that people completely either completely missed or completely aced!

Aced by Roberto Carlos for Brazil -V- France in the pre-world cup 1998 friendly tournament

Completely missed penalty by Neymar for Brazil -V- Columbia in 2011

And a compilation of Free kicks from Becks to top it all off!

Football stupidity at its worst…


Football stupidity at its worst!
Even if you don’t watch or support football, you have to see the stupidity of some players…

Chelsea were losing 2 nil to Swansea so had to be keen on speeding things up but this is too much!
Instead of taking the ball and just playing like any normal  person would do, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard saw red and lost it.

After kicking the ballboy (who didn’t do anything wrong exept for being a bit too slow according to Hazard’s standards) the Hooligan football “player” was sent off.
Some people on Twitter believe that the Ballboy did it on purpose (I don’t) but whatever the truth, it certainly wasn’t worth this!


And Shakira’s baby is called…


Yet another baby with a unforgettable name chosen by 2 celebs. I’m guessing “Paul” “John” or even “Raul” was out of the question.

According to his official Facebook page, the name Milan (pronounced MEE-lahn), means dear, loving and gracious in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, eager and laborious; and in Sanskrit, unification.

The baby immediately became a member of FC Barcelona (well played to Barcelona’s marketing team there) and is apparently in good shape.

I wonder what he will grow up to become in a few years…if Milan choses to become a Singer/Football player, I hope he won’t End up like Kevin Keegan or Gazza.

Whatever happends in the future, we wish him all the best

Mskani scores a stunning winner for Tunisia in the African Nations Cup!

Just as we all started to think that the match was going to end in a nil-nil final score, Mskani made a stunning shot ending in the back of the net bringing the score to 1 nil and winning the match for Tunisia.

Knowing the African Nations Cup, even more spectacular goals will follow before the February 10th!