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Korean guy acting funny

Friday is here so for no valid reason, I here’s a funny video buzzing around the internet world at the moment.

The video is literaly just a Korean guy eating his take-out food.

As I said, nothing happends in this video, but the way he eats and laughs by himself is just priceless!

The video already has over 4OO OOO Youtube hits and when you start to watch the video, you will see why 😉

You’re welcome!

How Many Calories Can You Burn in 30 Minutes?

How Many Calories Can You Burn in 30 Minutes?

Simple, watch this quick video and get the answer!

Buzzfeed decided to show us how many calories we could burn (should we chose to accept this task) via different exercises and sports.

Tennis, Air Boxing, and Running being the classic methods, but let’s not forget the less classic powerwalking (aka “mom running”) dancing, and beginners yoga.

We even burn calories by…watching Youtube videos!

Let that be a lesson to you, whatever you do (as long as you’re doing it right) you burn calories!!

So start watching those ViralHipster videos people!

On similar note, here is what 2000 calories look like (in case you were wondering what you needed to burn 😉

Rollie Eggmaster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, some even turn it into a British & Irish breakfast with a nice brunch.

And what is the main ingredient to that meal?

Eggs of coarse!

The only problem with eggs is that unless you’re preparing them scrambled, you can make a mess of things.

Who better to invent a device to help you in this task than the Brits!

With this new invention, your eggs can become pogos for “only” 23 euros!

Would you want to try this?

I know I would!

Bon appétit!