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Budweiser invent the “buddy cup”

Bottoms Up!

Budweiser decided to test a new product in THE place to be at the moment if you want to find work and money to party : Brazil!

Their idea was not only to bring people together for a night out, but help us create long lasting friendships.

We’ve all added people on Facebook (or the other way around) after a night out in the pubs and a few good laughs, but we also all had to go through the hastle of trying to find their profile.

Budweiser Brasil decided to save us all the hastle by inventing the “Buddy Cup” system.

All you have to do is scan the QR code on the bottom of the special cup, and toast with the people you like!

Genius you say?

I agree! the only downside to this invention is that you will have to think twice before toasting with strangers 😉

What do you think?



Source : Minutebuzz

Facebook Home Promo Video

Facebook recently announced the arrival of their newest innovation Facebook Home and did so in style.

For those of you who didn’t have time to watch the live 1hour conference, here’s one of their videos they used to promote Facebook Home.

Granted, the video isn’t the best in the world, but it’s Facebook, so they don’t need to spend millions of dollars promoting a new product.

What do you think?

Would you use the new Facebook Home?

If you didn’t see the conference, here’s a preview of what Facebook Home will look like on your mobile

Social Wars!

Facebook et Google are the 2 major social media sites of the moment.

Facebook may be the humungous social network with billions of active users but Google also have their own strengths.

Google being the Mountain View company helping you look for all the information you need on the internet, promote your company and ideas to specific database and much more.

Majestic Media, a web-marketing agency therefore decided to compare the battle between Facebook and Google to the Alliance -vs- The Empire in the Star Wars saga.

Here’s the final result where Eric Schmidt is disguised as the Emperor (or Dark Sidious for all you Star Wars fans), Mark Zuckerberg as Luke Skywalker, and Sherly Sandberg (Facebook’s GM) as Princess Leia.

What do you think?