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The Truth Behind The Most Epic Twerk Fail Ever

Yes people, it was too good to be true!

Why would someone post an embarrassing video of herself twerking & getting burnt on the internet (usualy that’s what “friends” are for 😉

Jimmy Kimmel strikes once again as he tried (and succeeded) to make a casual video go viral without him appearing on it.

Kimmel explained that his team posted the video on YouTube without promoting it, instead choosing to “let the magic happen.” And so it did — the video received over 9 million views and spawned a sort of supercut (assembled by the Live team) of news anchors marveling over what they thought was real.

Kimmel said that he hoped this exercise would stop twerking forever, but if anything, it’ll probably just inspire more trolling and/or people setting themselves on fire for the sake of YouTube views. That could be satisfying, too.

As Kimmel said himself “Thank God nothing is happening in Syria” meaning that medias should also filter what type of information they choose to go viral slighlty better in the future!

Here’s the funny part, the explanation video only has 32k Youtube hits for the moment.
We’ll see how that goes later on today!

Here’s the latest unedited version:

And here’s the original one!

The Hangover 3

Oh no they didn’t? Oh yes they did!

The Hangover 3 is coming!!!

Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug have been making us laugh for 4 years now, and they are back.

What will they wake up to this time? And more importantly, what script would make us want to go and watch the film?

Warner Bros just released the first trailer for the latest and last version of The Hangover Trilogy!

Fasten your seat belts, anything can happen, what happends in The Hangover, stays in the Hangover!