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Stupid science experiment

Add 6 friends, one camera, an electric fence and some stupidity and this is what you get!

No one was hurt (thankfully) in the video posted by Angus Fowles.

Over 2 million people already viewed the video where 5 daring friends (and one intelligent cameramen) decide to conduct an experiment using an electric fence…

A few chairs were laid out, and the experiment could commence.

The first 4 obviously didn’t receive a shock since all where on a chair or a “conducter”.

Then little Jimmy (or so we shall call him) came into the scene, took off his shoes, and joined into the human chain.

A dumb idea probably conjured up out of a mixture of boredome and curiosity, this “experiment” was bound to end the way it did.

What do you think happened?

Watch the video so see if you were right!

This is proof that “safe” stupidity on Youtube pays off.