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Dog family tug of war

Wake up on Monday morning with a smile!

For all you dog or animal lovers, here’s a random video of a dog playing a lovely game of Tug of war with his puppies!

Enjoy the view!

Playing tug of war with your kids

Posted by Best Funny Videos on Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dogs with hands music video

Dogs with hands has become one of the most famous videos on the net.

The idea was both simple and genius!

More importantly, it gave the video “Keyboard cat” a run for its money.

Naturally, the huge hit was destined to be used by a commercial (like most viral videos with animals or babies) but that was until the music industry decided otherwise!

The Recorders decided to make their online debut with a new music video for their first single “Purple and Gold” where you guessed it, dogs with hands are the stars.

Enjoy the video and tell us what you think!

Cooper corgy and his toy

Dogs are simple animals, all they need is food, shelter, and love to stay happy in life!

And although loved by the Queen, corgy’s are no different.

Cooper, a young corgy found a new toy and seems to be enjoying it like a little child.

As I said, all dogs need is food, shelter, love, and sometimes a toy they find/invent!

Would your dog have as much fun with this “toy”?

Cat’s can be jerks

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Personnally, I’m a bit of both but I know that both animals get up to a lot of mischief when we’re looking the other way.

Cats are far more discrete than dogs when they create mayhem, but sometimes they get caught!

Here’s a brief video compilation of the best “cat moments” when dogs get their own back because their arch nemesis gets caught in the act.

To all the cat lovers out there, you will probably see something that your own cat could do.

And for all the dog lovers who love cats less, you’re welcome!

Just so all you cat fans out there don’t think that I’m making fun of cat’s, here’s a bonus video of the most famous cat on the net…Simon!

Dogs are back!

Friday is here! and to get you into the weekend here’s the latest commercial from VOLKSWAGEN.
As usual, their marketing team did well, showing a dog who believes he’s a car.
Enjoy the view and your weekend!

Here are 2 similar videos with dogs starring in commercials from Volkswagen and Subaru for your viewing pleasure.