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Christopher Walken Dancing In Over 50 Movies All Perfectly Spliced Into a Single Music Video

Before his transition to acting, Christopher Walken’s theater training focused on dance. Even though he moved on to be the thespian superstar we know him as, he didn’t leave his roots behind. In most his films, he seems to find a way to work at least a move or two into his role, scripted or not.
And here we have over 50 of these scenes all edited together into the best music video you’ll see today…

What do you think?

Harlem Shake Frenzy!

Harlem shake is the new “thing” at the moment.

I already posted an article with the first few videos but plenty more just seemed to pop up all around the place.

Everyone seems to be trying to surf on the buzz of the moment to get their 30 seconds of fame (or simply promote their company).

The phenomenon has gone global, so here are a few 5minute compilation videos to avoid you having to look all over the net for the best ones.

Which one is your favourite?

#1 The Funny ones

#2 The Original ones

#3 The Irish ones

Irish Girls

Father Ted

Harlem Shake

Just as we were getting used to new dance moves such as the Gangnam style dance, another style seems to be infesting the internet.

The Harlem Shake has (whether we like it or not) arrived.

Here’s a glimpse of a few viral videos at the moment.

1 The office version

2 The room version

3 The friends version

4 The “educational” version

As an added bonus, here is a compilation of the worst dance moves I found on Youtube

Bride’s Special dance

The bride’s father passed away just a few months before her wedding from pancreatic cancer. In honor of dad, her brother covered the touching country classic Butterfly Kisses to be played during the Andrea’s allotted father-daughter-dance.

Since dad obviously could only attend his daughter’s wedding in spirit form, Andrea’s husband thought it would be a good idea for Andrea to dance with her brothers, grandpa, and new father-law.

Heartwarming moment for everyone in the room.