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Don’t drink and drive!

Don’t drink and drive!

Each year near the festive season, drinking awareness campaigns seem to pop up on our tv screens out of a sudden.

The more gore and violent, the more “effect” marketers believe the ad has an effect on us.

Unfortunately the reality (which our fellow marketing teams don’t seem to care about) is that most campaigns are so violent that they remind us of horror films or tv series we see all the time.

But what if a marketing team decided to create a proper commercial to make us realize just how much alcohol effects our driving without showing us a Hollywood style video?

Leo Burnett London decided to do just that with their new Think! Drink Drive ad.

Spoiler alert, if your faint hearted, sit down while you watch this one!

For even more effect, watch the video in full screen mode with the sound on at full blast!

Source : Leo Brett London

Durex Fundawear!

As usual, Durex are on top of their game and this video won’t prove anyone otherwise!

Long distance relationships are impossible, and nearly never work, even if you love your better half.

Skype is almost always on the menu so you get to have a glimpse for a few minutes of your partner, even if he/she is on the other side of the world.

But even with all that, something is still missing…

Even if you can see each other, you can’t touch the person on the other side of the screen.

That is until now! Durex, who already do their upmost best to improve your love life, decided to release a video of their latest project : Fundawear!

Fundawear (created by Durex Australia) created touch-sensitive underwear which could completely revolutionize our views on long-distance relationships.

Granted, this product will never replace the feel, smells, and love of your other half, but by God Durex’s new gizmo helps has gotten pretty close!

All you will need to do is download an app onto your smartphone, and wear the special underwear to start the fun.

As Her.ie said quite well : “Long distance couples of the world rejoice!”

Enough said, let’s watch the video :

The product is a bit more adapted for long distance couples than the straw like plastic that you had to kiss before :

Drinks are on Leo di Caprio!

Here’s Leonardo Di Caprio’s new commercial for the Asian market.

Leo recently announced that he would be taking a “long” break from showbusiness after completing several films in a short period.

He may be taking a break, but he also needs a drink, and what other way to show it than…getting paid to do a commercial for an alcohol he probably never even heard of.

Drinks are on you? If he pays, I’m in!

On a similar note, we all remember the scene from Lost in Translation with Bill Murray

I wonder if Leo felt the same when he was preparing for the ad?

On the other hand, Leo seems to be used to featuring in commercials since a young age as we can see in this chewing-gum commercial

Walking dead is coming back!

All walking Dead fans have been patiently (more or less) waiting for this moment for almost 2 months.

To surf on this wait, and to make fans a little more patient, Time Warner Cable aired a new commercial based on the show.

The aim of the ad is to show how all walking dead fans can watch the show from anywhere in their house, with different devices.

The only thing I was interested about in this ad, was seing that Daryl is still a good shot.

Enjoy the commercial!

As a bonus, here’s the teaser we’ve all watch over and over, preparing us for this Sunday.

All gamers needed one, here he is

What would any gamer need to have more time to play?

You guessed it…THE REPLACEMENT!

The idea is simple, the commercial shows just the guy you need for the job.

“The replacement” replaces you at all the events you don’t want to go to, leaving you more time to enjoy your favourite game Black Ops 2.

Just for a reminder, here is the previous commercial for Black Ops directed by none other than Guy Ritchie

Microsoft does it again!

You probably all remember Microsoft’s campaign promoting Internet Explorer with their IE Sucks Less video.

Well, Microsoft have done it again!

Yet again, Microsoft are promoting one of their new products with brio.

In this video, they chose to make us feel nostalgic of the 90’s. Well played my friends, well played.

Waterguns, Tamagotchi’s, Pogos and more allow us to remeniss about our childhood, and make us like Microsoft even more.

Target marketing at its best.

Enjoy the video!


For those of you who didn’t click on the previous link, here’s a reminder of Microsoft’s first video “Do you know this guy” for Internet explorer