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Share your Coke can!

Once again Ogilvy & Mather have teamed up with Coke to give you a brand new concept to share your Coke with friends!

Coke already already launched several concepts to get free Coke with friends. The Free Coke for free hugs, the Giant Coke machine where you need a friend to help you get 2 free large Cokes, and much more.

But there was one thing Coke understood, whatever you did, you couldn’t share a can of Coke properly. Well actually, you could, but without a glass, both friends couldn’t enjoy the refreshing taste of Coke at the same time.
That is until now!

Realizing that friends couldn’t share a can together, Coke found the perfect solution.

What if one can could made up of 2 smaller, equal cans?

Thanks to Coke, this was made possible!

Coke designed special cans where you can twist off the top to divide your can into 2, either allowing your friend to have his own or make a new friend by offering him/her one.

Unfortunately Coke won’t tell us if the can is a real product they intend to commercialize, or just another cunningly planned marketing stunt.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy their promo video!

Mark Jacobs&Coke

Mark Jacobs has been nominated as Coke’s new Artistic Director, replacing Jean Paul Gaulthier.

Most were quite surprised of this new nomination since it didn’t seem to be on the cards for Jacobs, but he seems more than pleased.

Here’s the promotional ad with Jacobs showing off his goods (Coke with a twist 😉

Here is Jean Paul Gaulthier’s older version

Coke, Pepsi…or Sodastream?

The Superbowl 2013 edition has already brought us quite a few excellent commercials, but this one is quite well thought!

Soda Stream is the new at-home water carbon soda maker system that is taking the soft drink industry by storm in the US.

They had the smart idea of asking the question : “who is better, Coke or Pepsi?”

You will see who won 😉

The video has already gone viral in the US.

What do you think?

Here’s another Superbowl add to put you into the Superbowl mood!

Return of the Diet Coke man!

Ladies, you’re welcome!

More and more companies realize the increasing purchasing power of women, so more and more commercials are specific for women.

You all remember Mister Coke all those years back when us men had to compete with the guys chizzled abs and pecks, well he is back and here to stay.

Here’s a video for you ladies!

Here are the 2 original version of the Diet Coke commercial