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Mark Ruffalo will do A Nude Scene If You Vote Against Trump!

Avengers unite!

As a Frenchman, I don’t care much about who the next President will be, since I won’t have a say in who that person is!
If I did, I’d vote for Megatron because he’s jsut a damn good transformer living the Amercian dream 😉 (but I digress & that’s another story.

As usual though, celebs team up in these dire times to stand up against world hunger, defeat poverty, help locals and…
Oh wait no, they’re doing none of that at the moment, so they can try and get rid of or prevent another infestation.

This “Trump” person, who, when you think about it, has a name that’s the short version of “Trumpet” is running for President.
Most celebs don’t like this, so they decided to do a video about it!

Long story short, it’s funny, and there are promises of Mark Ruffalo doing a full nude (little sprinkler and all) in his new film!

What do you think?

Hulk bash, Hulk smash, Hulk will show his weiner?

So what did you think?

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Two Londoners imitate Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen

Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen are well known BFF’s (best friends for life for those of you who decided to forget their teen years in a far away place) and they just love showing it each time they meet up!

Taking a relaxed pic with a beer in each hand, visiting national monuments together, dressing up as lobsters, or even just chilling out with Elmo, these guys just know how to stay awesome.

The thing is, quite a lot of people have “BFF’s” so how come when they take pics together they’re far from being as popular?

Well these 2 chaps from London decided to find out for themselves!

They took exactly the same pics together as Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen minus one minute detail: all of their pics were taken in London as opposed to the originals from New York.

Well lets find out if their hard work paid off!

(Click on images to enlarge)










So what do you think?

As you can see, the only one they couldn’t recreate was the “Elmo Pic”

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Seth Rogen & James Franco parody Kanye West’s latest music video

Kanye, oh Kanye, your music would be so good if you only sang short songs, and didn’t speak in public.

Unfortunately neither of these things are true, so when we inadventantly stumble upon one of his music videos, our ears lose interest.

However Seth Rogen and James Franco decided to make things a little more interesting by making a video parody of Kanye’s latest music video “Bound”

It’s the ultimate bromance with Franco as West and a shirtless Rogen as Kim. And the web is loving it.

I wonder who has more hair on their back, Kim or Seth?

Enjoy the video!

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15 incredible behind the scene photos from epic films

15 incredible behind the scene photos!

It’s alwats impressive to see what you find when you open a few boxes in the attic.
In this case, the boxes in Hollywood’s attic were full of gold!

Here are 15 of the best behind the scene pics from Frankenstein to Top Gun and the Lord of the rings.

The pics speak from themselves.

As they say, work hard, play hard and every actor in these pics worked hard!

What do you think?

Source : Imugr

Celebs without Make up!

Girls, you’re beautifull no matter what they say!

With Spring here and Summer just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for that Summer Swimsuit look!

But before all that hastle, don’t forget that even celebs have bad days.

Forget about all those diets and mumbo jumbo for a moment, and let’s take a minute to reasure yourselves by looking at celebs looking normal.

Cosmetic surgery, botox, and genius make up put aside, they all look normal…especially on a day off!

Men wouldn’t be staring at Mila Kunis all day without her make up, and Pamela Anderson would look more like a granny than a MILF without all that help.

If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourselves.

From Lady Gaga to Sharon Stone, 30 celebs got caught without their make up on.

Have a look, then start getting ready for Summer and don’t forget that you’re fabulous!

Lady Gaga


Khloe Kardashian
celebrites-normal-vie-3Khloe Kardashian

AnnaLynne McCord
celebrites-normal-vie-4AnnaLynne McCord

Nicole Richie

Anne Hathaway

Kelly Osbourne

Kathy Griffin

Uma Thurman


Katy Perry

Katie Couric

Mila Jovich

Tyra Banks

Mila Kunis

Sofia Vergara
celebrites-normal-vie-16Sofia Vergara

Busy Phillips

Pamela Anderson

Katie Holmes

Kelly Brook

Nicollette Sheridan
celebrites-normal-vie-21Nicollette Sheridan


Sharon Stone

Sharon Osbourne

Jennifer Lawrence

Hillary Duff

Demi Lovato

Faith Hill

Maria Shriver

Kelly Klarkson

Kim Kardashian
celebrites-normal-vie-31Kim Kardashian

We even found a pic of Barbie without Make up!

You’re welcome girls!

Oscar video by Jimmy Kimmel

The Oscars 2013 ceremony is now over, so it’s time to watch the best moments.

Today I will be adding a few of what I consider being the best bits (obviously my judgement is biased, so feel free to comment below).

Last year Jimmy Kimmel made an Oscards trailer for the best movie that will never be made called “The Movie” starring a plenty of celebs.

This year, he has decided to do the sequel “The Movie 2V”, where the world has been taken over by a “sex-pocalypse” with sexy vampires, mummies and…leprechauns (you can’t go wrong with a bit of an Irish touch).

Kimmel cunningly throws a discret jab to all the movie producers who automatically decide to make a sequel to a movie that did well in the box office.

Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Oprah (yes Oprah is in this one!) John Krasinski, Bruno Mars, and a plethora of other celebs feature in this fun packed trailer that lives up to your expectations and clichés

Once again Jimmy Kimmel has delivered!

Here’s the video itself:

And here’s last year’s video:

Movie : The Movie – Official Trailer [VO-HD] par Eklecty-City

Grammy’s 2013

As you all know, last night a few singers gathered to sit together, listen to people giving out compliments, show off their designer clothers, sing some songs, and (if they were lucky) receive a few rewards.

Yes, you guessed it, last night was the 55th edition of the Grammy Awards!

All the creme de la creme were there, the women were hot, the men were famous, and the show was presented by none other than LL Cool J aka Mister “I always lick my lips in my music videos”.

The perfect recipe for a magnificent show and a plenty of awards for celebs to accept while thanking Baby Jesus, Their Mothers, Their managers, rodies, oh and an obvious favourite crowd pleaser, their fans.

An expected favourite was Justin Timberlake’s long awaited performance.
To top things all off in true JT style, a guest singer gave him a helping hand in the singalong.

Let’s see who he was…

You guessed it, Jay Z was “in the house” & blew everyone away.

The other thing I like about the Grammy’s is being able to listen to singers colaborate on an homage song for a dead legend, or a decaying living one.

This year we got to see Bruno Mars, Sting and…Rihanna sing a song for Sir Bob Marley.

Here’s what it gave

Still not satisfied?

Here’s the last video I found of the ceremony with Taylor Swift attempting to beatbox