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Boston Marathon Explosion…

Panic, Confusion and surprise have taken over Boston as two explosions have taken place near the finish line for the Boston Marathon.

Business Insider have reported that the cause of the explosions are unknown for the moment, but at least 2 people are dead, and over 20 injured.

The explosions took place at approximately 2:50pm local time near the Lenox Hotel, blowing shop windows injuring runners and supporters, and obviously stopping the race immediately.

Many tweeted photos and videos from the scene, and Google even set up a site to keep your familly and friends posted and reasured about your situation if you’re in the area.

Click on the link below if you have any information about what’s happening


Here are a few tweets from the scene ealier.

As you can see, firefighters and police are doing an excellent job to clear the streets and reasure everyone as best as they can.

Moment of explosion Boston Marathon par Spi0n

All our thoughts go out to everyone in Boston at the moment.