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Lebron James drafted to the NFL!

Basketball was getting just too easy for Lebron James, so he decided to pick up another sport.

Just kidding! Lebron loves basketball too much to leave the sport out of a sudden.

The video is just a commercial for Statefarm, one of NFL’s sponsors.

However, though the commercial may be fake, Lebron was actually contacted by NFL teams during the Lockout earlier this season.

Despite his age (38) Lebron is still as fit as a fiddle and could have brought something new to the sport.

Here’s the promo video, tell me what you think!

Here’s one of his older commercials when you see him playing his prefered sport 😉

And just to remind you how much of a competitor he is, here’s a video from a few days ago when Miami’s Lebron were playing Paul George’s Indiana

Half-time shot wins a scholarship

Each year, Brandon University (Canada) holds the “Smitty’s Tuition shoot-out” with a prize of a semester of tuition paid for in full.

Mason Kaluzniak, the student selected for to take the shot, chose Bobcats head coach Gil Cheung to shoot the half court shot for him.

Using all his skills, the coach swished aced the shot!

This video has already got 300,000 hits just over the weekend & was used by YahooSports, USAToday, and the Sun

Here’s the video of the event

Here’s another half-time shot you may also remember

(read the full article linked to the last video here)