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Some women just can’t drive!

Unfotunately, some people just don’t know how to drive!

Far too careful, trying not to scratch their lovely new car, checking their rear view mirrors 27 times (yes 27 times) and much more…

I would definately not like to drive behind these ladies if I were late for an important meeting.

Obviously, women aren’t the only ones who can’t drive, but more men just happen to have their cameras out when some women take too long to park, or just forgot how to drive all together!

You would think that with all the gadgets companies install in their cars, machines on wheels could almost drive themselves.

Anyone (and probably everyone) including myself has pause and say to themselves “I stand corrected” after seeing compilations of the worst drivers such as this on Youtube.

Almost 15 minutes of pure fun, awkwardness, and sometimes pitty, it what you’ll see and feel after watching this video.

What do you think?

Is your driving this bad?

Don’t worry ladies, in my next article, I will show you a few videos of bad driving by men 😉