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Creative Father photoshop

For everyone who’s a bit pessemistic about having children, this dad will definately change your mind!

Photographer Emil Nyström decided to spice things up a little by adding a few pics of his baby daughter every now and then.

Admit it, all parents do it, either for their childrens viewing pleasure when they grow older, or to embarass them in front of their friends when they become teenagers.

So how is Signhild’s Dad different to any other parent?

Well, instead of taking simple pictures, printing before printing them out and placing it into a photo album, he decided to add a few details to the pics!

The result is quite impressive! Why just photoshop out the minute details you don’t like in the pic, why not add a few objects?

In just a few pics & clicks, his baby turns into a superhero, bath-tub diver, or prince of the jungle!

I wonder what Singnhild will think about the photos when she grows up?

I hope she will remember her Dad was awesome!

Who knows, she may do the same with his aging Father!

Source : Twisted Sifter

Live baby saved by firefighters from sewer pipe in China!

Earlier today, CNN reported that Chinese firefighters and surgeons have worked together to rescue a newborn baby boy from a sewer pipe below a toilet.

After hearing what seemed to be the voice of a child crying from inside the building’s pipelines, emergency services were called.

Rescuers in the Zhejiang province dismantled the piping and rescued the newborn with the help of firefighters and surgeons! The baby was stuck in the L-joint of the pipe (of about 3inches) and is believed to have been flushed down the toilet.

Thankfully the child is now safe in the hands of a nearby hospital under the name “Baby Number 59” because of the number of his incubator.

The police are treating the case as a homicide and have released a statement that reads:

“Mother, come back! The baby is resilient and alive. Please show up, Mother. This is your own baby and he should return to your warm embrace soon.”

I wonder if the baby realizes how lucky he is?

Source : Her.ie

Darth Baby Lightsaber!

One Baby+One Light Saber = Total Chaos!

With over 200 thousant youtube hits, this video is going Viral.

No toddler should be allowed to have access to a light saber. Don’t get any stupid ideas about letting your toddler doing the same (yes I mean YOU Star Wars fans all over the world).

However, if your toddler somehow gets a hand of one of these little things, this video may help you get out of a sticky situation…

Please kids, don’t scare your parents by imitating this toddler (then again, it does look like fun 😉