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Disney Halloween!

Halloween is coming close, and artist Dan Luvisi knows this.

To celebrate this real holiday, I decided to start adding a few photos, pics, or videos each day.

Some nostaligic, some awesome, and some just plain “halloweeny” (yes I know that sounds cheesy but I couldn’t care less)

Today is Disney’s turn!

Dan decided to change Disney’s lovely princesses into horrible little monsters (or scary things at least)

For those of you who like halloween, sit back and enjoy. For those of you who don’t, well think about how less and less people care about this holiday,

What do you think?

Source : Boredpanda; DeviantArt | Blogspot (h/t: designyoutrust)

Parenting Win!

Children always miss their parents when they go on business trips, even when it’s a regular trip!

So how could you make a child feel less sad (no you can’t say happier, you can only say less sad in this case) when you fly off only to come back only a few days later?

Well this Dad certainly found the right way to do so!

Before leaving for his monthly meetings, he decided to ask his children to draw a few pictures for him so that he would have something to colour in during his flights.

He first used a few coloured pencils, then later turned to his iPad ArtStudio program and the results are simply amazing!

Needless to say, his children were pleased with the results, exept on one occasion when his daughter insisted that the shirt on her character was not supposed to be red.

Would you be able to do the same & what do you think?

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Source: imgur

Bansky selling his artwork on the street

Although we know all of his paintings, we rarely see Bansky’s face!

In this video Bansky shows how seeing an artist out of context sometimes “lessens” the art in our eyes.
(that and the fact that we can find thousands of fake copies all around the world…)

He set up shop of his art work for sale on the streets of New York like so many artists do, and barely anyone gave him a second glance.

Without the original context, his paintings don’t seem to have the same emotional power.

But perhaps this video in and of itself is a critique of how we view art.

Either way, the web is enthralled by the video, as it has been trending over the weekend, and now stands with over a quarter million views.

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Source : Buzzfeed

Cunningly Vandalized Billboards

In modern day society, we see billboards and commercials everywhere we go!

Paris, London, and New York are the worst hit, but wherever we seem to go, at least one or two billboards just seem to show up out of no where.

Crack Two.com decided to make billboards a little less annoying by making a compilation of the 30 most Masterfully vandalized billboards so far.

This just makes you see how people have quite an imagination!

What do you think?

Source : CrackTwo

Comic Book -vs- Real World

Young Chinese student Gaikuo-Captain decided to show off his creative talents on the net, and we have to thank him for such an awesome share!

Comic book fan, he started to draw a few of his favourite comic book heroes from Batman, The Avengers, and Pokemon (yes he is a fan of Pokemon, but his drawings are cool so we’ll let that one pass 😉

Instead of just drawing them, he chose to draw the characters in certain situations.

Batman fighting with him, The Joker letting him pose for a pic, a dragon Pokemon who ate too much Mexican food (or so I think, I’m not a Pokemon specialist) and much more!

Fair play to this young talent, I can’t wait for more drawings.

What do you think?
















Would you be able to draw as well as him?

Mustafa Soydan art

Mustafa Soydan, illustrateur spécialised in the fashion universe & based in Istanbul decided to share his art with the world.

Sensual, feminin and moderne, his artwork mixes vintage photos with modern designs.

The theme in his work is diverse and changes with his mood according to Mustafa.

His past, his wishes for the future, and pictures he just took on the spur of the moment are his inspiration.

As he says so well himself, his passion is to put his love for living into his work and make a mark on life.

Spoken like a true artist!

Here is a brief compilation of what I believe to be his best work!










So what do you think?

Source : http://www.mustafasoydan.com/