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Old Spice meet the wolfdog

Old Spice is epic, but now Wolfdog is here!

Yet again, Old Spice promote their new product in style.

To promote a “wild” new product, what better way to do it than using a wild animal that talks.

Instead of using the pure wild side of the wolf, they prefer to show the fun side by showing how their wolfdog uses marketing to sell his products.

Business is wild, and that’s how it works.

Though they show the fun side of it, they are actually telling the truth by using nearly all the clichés you can think of when you imagine a marketing director.

The conclusion asking us to follow how the wolfdog will make the new wildside of OldSpice epic makes is a perfect ending to a short, simple and funny commercial.

I can’t wait until WolfDog Makes OldSpice even wilder than now!

Valentine’s day ads

For this valentine’s day, I decideed to post a compilation of the best (and worst) valentines day ads I saw so far.

You decide which are bad and which are excellent.

Tooseuls : French brand created this ad as a parody to all Kooples commercials and is being shared all over social media


Eurostar : They show you how it’s done! the closer you get to buying a ticket from Paris to London, the happier your better half will be 😉


McDonalds : Bring your Valentine to the show her your real love (obviously 2nd degree humour) this is probably the only time of the year that they have fewer clients.


Natan : An obvious misogonistic ad, and a complete fail on this one…


Tampax : Same remark as the last ad, as definate fail once again…


And here are the video ads!

Bwin : Love your sport! (football in this version)

Agent Provocateur : Have you seen my pet? (cheeky)

Google : Parisian Love, keep searching! (my favourite)

Puma : Hard Chorus

Sagami : Love distance

source : Blog du modérateur

Superbowl Bananza!

Here is a compiliation of all the Superbowl commercials in case you missed out.

Which is your favourite?

Hyundai’s “Epic Playdate”

M&M’s “Love Ballad”

Audi’s “Prom”

Dorito’s Goat for sale

Perfect Match by Go Daddy

Hyundai’s “Team” commercial

Pepsi’s “Party”

Best Buy “Asking Amy”

Century 21 “The Wedding”

Dorito’s “Fashionista”

Go Daddy’s “Your Big Idea”

Cars.com “Wolf”

Wolkswagen “Greenday”

Hyundai “Sonata Turbo”

Coke’s “Chase”

Milk’s “Got Milk”

Budweiser’s “the coronation”

Taco Bell’s “Viva Mas”

Sketchers “Man vs Cheetah”

Bud Light’s “Lucky Chair”

E-Trade’s “Save the money”

Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer

Soda Stream’s Coke -vs- Pepsi (was cancelled for some reason…)

Jeep’s “America will be whole again”

Oreo’s “Whisper fight”

Century 21’s “Mini Mart”

Pizza Hut’s “Hut Hut Hut”

Taco Bell’s “Grande Papi”

Fast & Furious 6 Trailer

Budweiser’s “Brotherhood”

Wonderful Pistachios “Crackin’ Gangnam style”

Gildan “Getaway”

Lincoln “The tweets and turns of life”

Becks “Saphire”

Mio Fit “Change your sports drinks”

Dodge Ram “Farmer”

Kia “Space Babies”

Iron Man 3 teaser

Oz the Great and powerful trailer

Tide’s “Miracle Stain” (one of my personal favourites)

Mercedes Bentz “Set your soul free

Calvin Klein’s “Concept”

Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” (also one of my favourites!)

And a bonus : Samsung’s Teaser commercial “So we can’t say Superbowl?”