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3D Pen!

What if we found something even better than 3D printeres?

Well, 2 associates seemed to have done so by inventing a 3D pen, which allows you to create 3D objects via their device.

After over a year of research and development, they seem to have found their final version with what they call 3Doodler.

The idea is simple but needed to be perfected. Melted plastic contained in the pen solidifies as soon as it contacts the air. In this video they show how to use the device to create both simple and complex models.

Use your imagination and the pen seems to be able to do the rest!

I am obviously a fan of such a device, which could be used by both architects and people who just have a lot of imagination alike.

WobbleWorks LLC (founded by the 2 associates you will see in the video) financed their project thanks to Kickstarter, a platform allowing startups to develop their innovating ideas or products.

3Doodler has already received 627.548 dollars since the product was officialised yesterday and according to The Verge, you can order your 3Doodler now for $75 and receive yours in Automn 2013.