Spring Break fun

With Spring Break just around the corner, the lads from VICE decided to prepare another epic video about one of Spring Break’s favourite destinations : Panama City!

Instead of just showing you the usual bikinis, abs, shots and skin, Vice decided to show the 2 main points of view on this particular holiday.

On the one side you have the usual party goers, looking to have a good time partying like animals while trying not to pass out, and on the other you have the church goers, who condone this type of behaviour (you also have the mayor and locals point of view, but we all know that their point of view is completely biased since all logic is hidden by all the cash the students are bringing in 😉

Let’s take a look at what they think about Spring Break at Panama Beach!

Is Spring Break “just another excuse for people to sin”? or is it an eternal place to party while enjoying the lovely views the beach has to offer (you decide which views!)

Source : Vice

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