Simpsons Harlem Shake!

When will we get fed up of Harlem Shake videos?

So many are on the internet at the moment, but when will people decide to stop?!

Everyone is trying to become more original but thousands of videos already exist, and they seem to be reproducing…

That said, every now and then we find a video that changes from the usual, and this familly could have done a Harlem SHake whenever they wish!

Some people would say that the Simpsons have gone “mainstream” by participating in more and more commercials and viral videos, but no one can argue that this familly will stay number one in the eyes of their fans.

Even their non fans have to agree that they are from being as bad as other tv programs you can see in the US (I wouldn’t dare to mention reality TV shows, oops, I just did, my mistake 😉

So without further ado, I present you with the “Homer Shake”, the Simpsons version of a video that went to viral.

Keep an eye out on the site to see how some Harlem Shake videos went out of hand…

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