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One Direction for Comic Relief

Usually I’m not their number one fan, but this is for a good cause!

Each year in Britain and Ireland, Comic relief raises funds to help associations around the world who need both the funds and the publicity to keep up their good work.

Eastenders cast generally end up imitating Queen, celebs make fun of their image, singers show up out of no where, and the day is always a general success, all this done while receiving donations from tv viewers and more.

This year One Direction also decided to get involved!

For their latest clip, they decided to save money by choosing to have a cheap music video showing the back-stage images of their world tour rather than spend the money on one produced by a big-shot producer.

Fair play lads, I know that the money you saved will go to the right associations.

Can you spot the surprise politician in the video? 😉

What do you think about the video itself?

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