Morgan Freeman falls asleep during an interview!

Even Gods seem to sleep!

Respected by all, Morgan Freeman has nothing more to prove and will always have fans waiting for his next film.

However, fame comes at a price, the price of sleep…

One lesson that Morgan himself, despite all of his experience, recently learned.

While being interviewed about his latest magic film on American TV, his eyes started growing heavier and heavier, oddly enough as if under the hypnosis of a magician, before finally closing for forty winks…

The main question people will be asking themselves now is “did Morgan fall asleep because he was genuinly tired, or was this all just part of a marketing trick to speak about the film?”

To be honest with you, I’d go for a bit of both! Morgan seems truly exhausted and the interview was fairly early in the morning.

I’ll let you decide!

Here’s the trailer for the film he was promoting “Now you see me” :

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