Miley Cyrus replaced with Nicolas Cage In “Wrecking Ball”

Earlier this month America discovered that their childhood sweetheart had blossomed into a lovely pole dancer singer.

Hannah Montana transformed herself into the adult version of Miley Cyrus, much to the shock/disgrace of Disney fans all over.

Fair play to her though, she got rid of her Disney image, and slipped into a new “invented one”.

Even after the “twerk scandal” at the VMA’s things wouldn’t stop there.

She recently released the clip for her new song “wrecking ball” with a whole bunch of nude scenes.

Have no fear though, internet to the rescue! Youtube user “sukmywangBryanStars” mashed up a new version with our very own Nicolas Cage’s face on it!

Some might say it’s an improvement, some might… agree with them.

Enjoy if you can, but remember this – what is seen cannot be unseen.

Had enough? Here’s the original version for those who prefer Miley’s face!

As an added bonus, here’s the version of fans imitating Miley in their own version of the song :

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