Mila Kunis is awesome!

Even if you’re not a fan, you won’t be able to say that Mila Kunis isn’t awesome after watching this video and taking a look at these tweets!

First time young interviewer Chris Stark got his moneys worth when he interviewed Mila Kunis live on BBC Radio1.

The pressure seemed to be immense (no wonder, he was interviewing Mila Kunis so a few camera’s where lying around) but Mila put him at ease.

Instead of speaking about the film at length, she made him speak about football, Nandos and drinking a few pints at the local pub!

I didn’t learn much about the new film but I did have a great laugh watching this!

I also learned a new expression “lad-points” that seem to be some scientific point sytem amongst lads at the pub 😉

The best part happened next though, when Mila seemed genuinly interested in spending a day out with the interviewer eating chicken and steak pies while watching the Watfort football game!

I also learned that Mila has a role in…Baywatch.

This was the “best and most enjoyable interview” she had all day and by far the funniest interview I’ve seen for a while!

Fair play Chris, you’ve earned eternal “lad-points” 😉

Just as a reminder, Mila Kunis was elected hottest woman of the year for 2012!


Now here’s the video

Here are the tweets proving she kept her word!


Even Alyssa Milano was impressed!

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