Grammy’s 2013

As you all know, last night a few singers gathered to sit together, listen to people giving out compliments, show off their designer clothers, sing some songs, and (if they were lucky) receive a few rewards.

Yes, you guessed it, last night was the 55th edition of the Grammy Awards!

All the creme de la creme were there, the women were hot, the men were famous, and the show was presented by none other than LL Cool J aka Mister “I always lick my lips in my music videos”.

The perfect recipe for a magnificent show and a plenty of awards for celebs to accept while thanking Baby Jesus, Their Mothers, Their managers, rodies, oh and an obvious favourite crowd pleaser, their fans.

An expected favourite was Justin Timberlake’s long awaited performance.
To top things all off in true JT style, a guest singer gave him a helping hand in the singalong.

Let’s see who he was…

You guessed it, Jay Z was “in the house” & blew everyone away.

The other thing I like about the Grammy’s is being able to listen to singers colaborate on an homage song for a dead legend, or a decaying living one.

This year we got to see Bruno Mars, Sting and…Rihanna sing a song for Sir Bob Marley.

Here’s what it gave

Still not satisfied?

Here’s the last video I found of the ceremony with Taylor Swift attempting to beatbox


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