#Fitchthehomeless campaign

“Abercombe and Fitch is a terrible company, their CEO insists on hiring only hiring attractive people”

Well up until that point, the company’s only problem is their poor communication skills.

Unfortunately for A&F though, that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

On top of blatently showing off their poor communication skills once, A&F decided to do even worse by openly admitting other examples of bad marketing…

Since the brand’s main target market is “cool kids” they decided to define who could and couldn’t wear their clothes by only selling to thin young “cool” kids.

If you’re looking for an A&F item over and L size, don’t even bother to go to their store (the music there is terrible anyway…) because you won’t find squat!

If you think that is bad, wait until you hear what they do with their old clothes…

Instead of donating it to charity, they Burn every last one of what they can’t sell.

All that to avoid seing poor or “uncool” people wearing their clothes.

However, have no fear! there is still hope!

Yound American Greg Karber decided to show A&F how stupid their discriminations are by making their perfect plan backfire.

But how? His plan is simple : Buy a few A&F clothes (used) and give them away to the homeless!!

That way A&F will become the first clothing brand in the world to give out free clothes to the homeless!

Each time you give out a free item of clothing, take a picture or video and upload it to your usual social medias by using the “#Fitchthehomeless” Hashtag.

If we all do our bit, A&F will definately regret their stupidity!

Enjoy the video.

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